200 Movies That Deserve More Love
Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Who are you?
A:   My name is Mario.

Q:  Like the Nintendo video game?
A:  No.  Fuck you.

Q:  What is this list?
A:  This is a project that I started in January of 2013.  I am a big movie nerd, and I have been a big movie nerd for more than 30 years.  So I figured it would be fun to share some of my movie nerddom with you.  I am picking 200 movies that I think are underloved and that don't get the respect that they deserve in the movie world.  Either they don't get as much love as they should, or they just aren't very well known, or else people think that they suck and they don't.  Or even Oscar winners that consistently get called overrated and I don't think they are overrated at all.  I want to write about one movie each day, and I plan to post a new entry every single day of 2013 as often as I can.

Q:  Why are you doing this?
A:   Well for the same reason you are reading this.  Because we are bored and because the internet is supposed to provide discussion and ideas and enlightenment and entertainment.  And I figured I would add one of those four things to the internet each day.  All four things would be optimal, of course, but we can't have everything.  So if each one of my writeups adds at least one of those things to your life, I will feel like I did my job with each entry.

Q:   Why movies?  Why not songs?
A:   Because I don't leave the house very often and because I have watched a LOT of movies in my life.  And because I have a savant-like recall for most of the movies I have watched.  If nothing else maybe I can open your eyes to a lot of cool movies out there that a lot of people have never even heard of before.  Oh, and also because I don't really listen to music that much.  So then there's that.

Q:   Why "underloved"?  Why not just say "underrated"?
A:   I wanted to keep my definition vague so it could apply to any movie that I wanted it to.  If I say "underloved" it just means "the amount of love in the world for this movie doesn't equal what I think it should be."  As long as there is a discrepancy in the amount of love in there somewhere (either it is not well known, or it isn't popular anymore, or it gets shit on a lot when it shouldn't get shit on) then it fits my defintion and I will be free to write about it.  Also, I don't think there are 200 seriously underrated movies in the world.  With a broader definition like "underloved", I can include Oscar winners like Shakespeare in Love and Forrest Gump.

Q:  Forrest Gump?  Are you shitting me?  Everyone loves Forrest Gump.  There is no more overrated movie than Forrest Gump.
A:  Aha.  And right there, listen to what you just said.  Right there, THAT is why I can claim it is underloved.  Because so many people say it is overrated and it really isn't.  Hence there is a level of love discrepancy.

Q:  Nuh uh.
A:  Uh huh.

Q:  Do I have to agree with all of your picks?
A:  Yes

Q:  What if I don't?
A:  Well the internet is free.  If you are dissatisfied with the free content on the free internet, I suggest you write to your local congressman and maybe he or she can remedy this.

Q:  You sound like a real smart ass.
A:   I know you are but what am I.  Infinity.

Q:  Wow, you like a lot of terrible movies.
A:  Your face is terrible.

Q:   Okay last question.  Why should I listen to your opinions?  What makes you and your movie opinions so god damn special?
A:   My good man, I should have you know that I went to the Royal Oxford Shakespeare Academy.  I have attended many film classes in my life, and I know a great deal about what makes a good movie and what doesn't.  In any case I know far more than you about movies and you need to respect my authoritah.

Q:   Seriously?
A:   No.  I'm just some guy who knows a lot of movies.

Q:   Are there any Burt Reynolds movies on this list?  I really like Burt Reynolds movies.
A:   Maybe.

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