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One of the problems with running a website like the Funny 115 is that it takes a lot of bandwidth.  And I mean a LOT of bandwidth.  As the site has gotten bigger, I have included a lot more multimedia (podcasts, animated gifs, sound files, flash movies) along the way.  And with that multimedia comes a ton of overhead and operating costs.  Long story short, with the way the website is set up now, if I don't start generating ad revenue and asking for donations, it will probably be gone in a year.

So this is how you can help.

If you would like to help support the Funny 115 (and help me pay for the ridiculous monthly hosting costs) there are two ways to do it.  You can either send me a donation (there is an easy Paypal link at the bottom of the page), or you can click on one of the following links.  They are links to what I consider the best Survivor related products at  These are the DVDs, the books, the essays, etc. that I think are essential to anyone who calls themself a hardcore Survivor fan.

If you buy any of these products through Amazon (aka through my links), I get a small percentage of the profit through the Amazon Affiliate program.  So please just keep this in mind if you were planning to buy any of this stuff anyway.  If you were going to buy a copy of Survivor: Guatemala.  Or Survivor: Exile Island.  Or Survivor: Fiji.  Or Mark Burnett's book.  Or any of the other big name Survivor items.  Please go through my links and you can help me keep the Funny 115 and all of my Survivor archives up and running.  

And then of course there is the straight donation button if you would prefer to help me with the site costs that way.  You decide.  You can also buy a T-Shirt at the Funny 115 store.

Anyway, on to the links.  In my opinion these are the best Survivor related products out there for purchase at Amazon.

Note:  If you have an ad blocker turned on, you might not be able to see the links.  So please turn it off at least for  I promise that Amazon ads are all you will get here.  Believe me, I hate ads too.

Survivor Seasons on DVD

Survivor Books and/or Tie-ins

This is a really good book about the history of the show, and I know the author personally so I guarantee you will like it.

Mark Burnett's book about the first season, which I consider required reading for any Survivor fan

The Stingray by Peter Lance - read about the Stacey Stillman scandal and how Richard won the first season of Survivor - great book

24/7 by Jim Brown. A complete ripoff of Survivor, but it is a pretty fun book and if you like Survivor you will like it. It is a fast read.

The Spoiler by ChillOne. Read how a Sucks user named ChillOne completely spoiled the Amazon season.

The Psychology of Survivor. Psychologists and Survivor experts delve into the link between Survivor and psychology. Two of the chapters in the book were actually written by me.

The Psychology of Survivor on Kindle

Survivor: The Unofficial Bible of the Greatest Reality Show Ever Made

The Essential Armchair Guide to Winning Survivor

The Book of Rudy - a book of quotes from Rudy Boesch, which came out right after Borneo

Out Live, Out Laugh, Out Love by Tina Wesson. Her autobiography.

A Voyage Beyond Reason - the journals and travels of Coach Benjamin Wade. I shit you not, this is a real book.

Shaping my Hat by Jake Billingsley. His autobiography.

Rupert, Just Being Me. The autobiography of Rupert Boneham.

The Scorned - a horror movie starring a slew of reality TV stars
Written by Rob Cesternino

Desperate Networks by Bill Carter. Which includes some fascinating behind the scenes anecdotes of how CBS defeated NBC to be the #1 TV network in the early 2000's, and why Survivor was right at the center of that.

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