The 115 Funniest Things to Ever Happen on Survivor

#43. "Oh my godddddd. It's soooooo good!"
Australia - All Fricking Season Long

This moment was more annoying than funny back in 2001, but over time I have gradually softened my stance. Now I actually find it pretty funny. And, surprisingly, this ended up being my top entry from Australia once I sat down to actually make the countdown. I know a lot of you won't agree but, believe me, no one was more shocked about this than me. I had no idea that Amber would come anywhere near the Funny 115.

Amber Brkich?

The funniest thing in Australia?

What the bleep?

But it's true. Amber's "Oh my goddddd, it's sooooo good" catchphrase pops up so many times during Australia that eventually it turns into its own little joke. And I didn't even realize it until I started counting. Because what happened is that this annoying little Amber phrase somehow did a U-turn. It went from being "stupid and annoying", and it flipped all the way around to being "endearing and goofy." I know you don't believe me. Hell, I wouldn't have believed me. All I ask is that you wait until the end of this summary before you make up your mind for good.

Because I do have the empirical proof to back this up.

Oh my goddddd! It's soooooo good!

Before All-Stars, Amber Brkich was known primarily for two things. She was known for being Jerri's tag-along sidekick. And she was known to utter the phrase "Oh my godddd, it's soooo good" every time something in the game pleased her. And that's really about it. Okay, you could say Amber was famous for living in a city named "Beaver", but that's really only exciting to dirty joke enthusiasts, not so much to the general Survivor fan community.

So yes, Amber was pretty worthless in Australia. Both as a character and as a player, no one seemed to give a rat's ass about her. In fact, at the time, she got made fun of on the message boards more than just about any other Australia character. People referred to her as "Lamber" since she tagged along after Jerri, and I can't even begin to tell you how much people hated her repeated mantra of "Oh my godddddd." Man was that annoying. If there had been a poll back in 2001 about the Ogakor female you most wished would just shut up, I have no doubt that Amber would have won over Jerri. And that is saying something, considering that Jerri was easily the most unpopular Survivor female of all time. But I honestly think that Lamber would have won that poll.

Oh my goddddddddd!

By the way, nowadays Amber is mostly known as being Boston Rob's wife-- the replacement Sarah, version 2.0. She is also known as the winner of All-Star Survivor. She beat the All-Stars, she was the best of the best, and by definition that means she is now the single best player in the history of Survivor. Isn't that depressing? Little Lamber is officially the best player in the history of Survivor. And it's true. Oh my godddddd. It's soooooooo true.

P.S. Reason #637 why there never should have been an All-Star Survivor.

Oh my godddddd, he's soooooo right!

So anyway, since Amber is the best player in Survivor history and all, I decided to re-watch Australia and keep track of how many times she actually said that stupid phrase. I wanted to count exactly how many times we had to listen to her braying that something was soooooo good. And I knew it would be a lot. Hell I expected that it would probably happen in every episode. But even -I- was unprepared for the final tally.

Would you believe that she said it 20 times?

In only 11 episodes?

That means that Lamber Brkich dropped an "oh my godddddd" on us 1.82 times per episode during Survivor: The Australian Outback. And that figure rises to 2.0 if you don't count the first episode (in which nothing memorable happened other than Debb and the rawwwks.) So basically Amber was tossing out "Oh my goddddd"s twice per episode during Australia, which either makes her the most devout Catholic ever, or the player who was most easily impressed by the taste of food. Or maybe some combination of the two. But in either case, oh my godddddddd that is a lot of catchphrase. No wonder people got so annoyed by her.

It's soooooo good!

So here we go. Here is a recap of all the times Amber said "Oh my godddddd, it's sooooo good" during Australia. Note that some of them are slightly different variants (like just plain "Oh my godddd") but all of them are said pretty much in the same spirit and the exact same orgasmic vein. I guess when a catchphrase is that good, you just don't want to let it go to waste. Amber sure didn't:

Tortillas! Sooooooo good!


1. Amber kicks it off by dropping an "Oh my godddddd, it's sooooo good" after she tastes Jerri's homemade tortillas in episode two.

2. Not to be outdone, Keith decides to make fish the next episode. And he is rewarded by Amber saying the exact same thing. Apparently fish is soooooo good as well.

3. Treemail announcing a picnic reward sure is exciting! In fact just the thought of it inspires an "Oh my godddddd!" Amber does not yet know if it will be sooooooo good, so she drops the second part of the catchphrase for the first time.

4. Amber tastes a Dorito prior to episode six's reward challenge. And... you guessed it. Soooooo good.

Oh my godddddd! They're from Frito-Laaaaay!

5-7. Jeff pulls out a can of Mountain Dew that the players can taste before the episode six reward challenge. And not only is Mountain Dew exciting and delicious, it is actually three times as exciting as the Dorito! Amber gives us three different variants of "oh my goddddd, it's sooooo good" during this scene alone!

8. Mike falls into the fire at the end of the episode six, and the Ogakors are notified about this via tree mail. Sure enough, Amber utters a shocked and subdued "Oh my godddddd" when she hears the news. I was waiting for her to add, "That's sooooooo bad" but apparently that line was cut by the editors.

9-10. This is Amber's proudest scene. In the boomerang reward challenge in episode eight, Jerri wins a fancy lunch and invites her little Lamber along as a guest. Gee, couldn't have seen that one coming. Of course this leads to back to back "oh my godddddd"s when Amber sees what they will be eating...

11. ... followed by another one when she sees the iced tea...

12. ... and then another one when she actually sips the iced tea.

Iced tea is soooooo good!

13. Amber then proclaims that the BBQ shrimp skewer tastes "soooo good"...

14. ... And apparently the second bite of shrimp is just as tasty. It, too, is met with an "ohhh my goddddd."

Soooooooo good!

So if you are keeping track, that makes SIX oh my goddddds in one scene alone, and those are just the six they showed on TV! I bet she said it at least 10 more times if we had seen the unedited lunch footage from start to finish. And that possibly could be as high as twenty.

15. Hey, but we're not done yet! Next up is the big flood. The Barramundi camp is washed away by the Herbert River, and Amber of course drops a very subdued "oh my godddddd" when she sees the carnage for the first time.

16-17. She adds two more "Oh my goddddd"s later during the same scene.

Oh my goddddddd. A flood.

18-19. Amber drops two "Oh my goddddds" in the scene where Keith walks across the river to try and fetch the rice. They are actually said back-to-back, as in "ohmygodddddohmygodddddd". Some would say this should count for one instead of two, but our judges deemed it acceptable to count this twice since Amber was very concerned.

Ohmygodohmygod, Keith.

20. Amber's final "oh my goddddd" comes when Tina swims near the rice and finally pulls it free. This one was more like "Oh my godddd, that was soooooo heroic" but once again the judges have ruled that it counts.

Sadly, this is the last time that Amber ever says this phrase during the game. She is blindsided and voted out of the tribe at the end of episode eleven. And unfortunately, she is too stunned by this turn of events to actually say anything. Otherwise we might have gotten an "oh my god" Blackjack (aka #21).

So here's to Amber and the most annoyingly prevalent catchphrase all throughout Australia. I got sick of it. You got sick of it. Hell we all got sick of hearing how everything that happened was sooooo damn good. But I have to say that it actually started to make me laugh once I sat down to count how many times it happened. In fact I had sooooo much fun trying to pick them all out that this is now my favorite thing to watch for when I watch Australia.

Amber's "oh my goddddd"s have officially become the "Where's Waldo" of the Australia season, and I guarantee you will have a blast trying to pick out every time she freaking says it. So go back and watch Australia sometime, and I can promise you you will probably even find one or two that I missed. It's possible that the grand total could actually be closer to 30.

Like I said, this catchphrase started annoying, but it has now done a U-turn all the way back somehow to being endearing. I don't know how it happened, either, because this is something I never would have expected. And in my mind this has now become the single funniest running joke throughout Australia. It's not sooooo good, but it is still pretty good. And I'm proud to rank it #43 on the Funny 115.

The Greatest Survivor Player Ever

P.S. Man I wish Amber and Rob would have worked this phrase into their wedding vows. That would have been the best moment in the history of television!

PRIEST: Amber Lamber Brkich, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?
AMBER: Oh my godddddd, yes. He's sooooo good.
ROB: Wait a minute. You hear that garblin' over there? I'm bein' dead serious. I think it's a rooster.
AMBER: Ohmygoddddddd ohmygodddddd ohmygoddddddd.

P.P.S. In the movie A Knight's Tale, the princess (Shannon Sossamon) has a very Lamber-like sidekick who follows her around all day and basically just laughs at her jokes. And it cracks me up every time I see it, because she even looks like Lamber. It's like the producers tried to create an unintentional homage to Camp Ogakor. Check it out. It's 14th century Amber!

Oh my godddddddd. Fourteenth century agrarianism is sooooooo good.

P.P.P.S: Do you even have to ask if I went through All-Stars and counted the number of times Amber says "Oh my godddd, it's sooooo good"? Hell yeah, of course I did! But guess what? She never says it during All-Stars. Not even once. Amber must have watched Australia back in 2001 and gotten annoyed with herself too, because it's like she made a conscious effort not to say it at any point during All-Stars. And that superhuman ability to change and adapt is what made Lamber the single best player in Survivor history. Just admit it, she is now officially the best of the best.

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