The 115 Funniest Things to Ever Happen on Survivor

#72. Caryn sucks
Palau - Episode 11

Like all of Katie Gallagher's quotes, this one was short, blunt, and right to the point. She really wasn't one to waste words, was she?

The ever-tart Katie Gallagher

It was the eleventh episode of Palau, and the women were looking to band together. There were four women (Jenn, Stephenie, Katie and Caryn), there were three men (Ian, Tom, Gregg), and by all rights it should have been a no-brainer. The women could have joined together, they could have picked the men off one-by-one... and by all rights the season could have very easily had a female winner. All the women had to do was band together.

The women of Koror, plotting to take the game away from the men

The only problem was that Caryn (The civil rights lawyer from Chicago who looked like Barbra Streisand) wasn't into the all-female thing. Caryn had an allegiance to Tom, Caryn wasn't down with the women's alliance, and Caryn squealed their plans to Tom the very first chance she had. Caryn ratted them out to give herself more prestige with the man in charge (Tom).

Caryn telling Tom what the girls are up to

Caryn ruined the female alliance's plans... and this tactic earned her "most hated villain" status among the women of Koror. It was especially not received well by the season's venom-mistress, Katie Gallagher. So she sat right down to tell us about it. And in one of my favorite (but blunt) quotes of the season, Katie politely informed us that...

"We can't get a female alliance together, because Caryn sucks."

Well all right then. Thanks Katie.


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