The Funny 115 - version 2.0

#115.  The See Saw
Heroes vs Villains - Episode 1

When I was researching entries for the new Funny 115, a friend of mine named Juhani suggested I go back and watch the first episode of Heroes vs Villains.  He said, "Hey towards the end of episode one, there's this completely random shot of Coach and Russell on a see saw.  There's no build up for it or anything, it just comes out of nowhere.  Courtney just walks by them and there they are.  It has got to be one of the biggest WTF moments in Survivor history."

So I went back to watch Heroes and Villains and yup, there it was.

Russell is talking about how the Villains won the immunity challenge earlier today, so now they can just kick back and have fun and not do any strategizing the rest of the day.  And then we get the famous shot (below) of Courtney walking through camp.

In this shot you see Russell and Coach, two of the most intense badasses to ever play the game of Survivor, two guys who are so much larger than life, and rarely ever smile or break character for the camera, jumping up and down on either side of a log like they are about eight years old.   They look like they are having a blast.   The first time you see it, it looks exactly like two kids who are hopping  up and down on a see saw.

At the end of the clip, the image to the right finally registers with Courtney and she does a weird little double take.  That's the part that kills me.  It finally registers in her head what she is seeing, so she flinches and probably says the exact same thing that all of us said the first time we saw this clip.  

"Russell and Coach on a see saw?  WTF?!"

Great moment.  Perfect entry for the first moment on the new Funny 115.  There are going to be lots of bizarre entries like this on the countdown this time around, so get ready.

P.S.  A bunch of us were talking about this moment on Survivor Sucks the other day (that's the focus group for most of these entries, I trust Sucksters' judgments on Survivor moments more than any other fans on the internet) and a poster named AttackoftheJoe wrote "it doesn't look so much like they are see-sawing, but like Coach is trying to launch Russell like a catapult."  That image stuck in my head and made me laugh.  And then I remembered, hey there used to be this video game in the late 70's that was exactly like that.  You had two clowns on a see saw, trying to launch one another into the air to retrieve balloons.  I think it was called Circus.  

I asked if anyone could make me an animated gif file of the old 70's video game Circus, and sure enough, a poster named IAmNotChrisDaugherty (Matt) sent me the one below in about thirty minutes.  

God bless the internet.  I love Survivor Sucks sometimes.

Coach (left) and Russell (right) retrieving dragon eggs.

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