There are so many people I'd like to thank for their help with this list.

The big four (aka the ones who I literally could not have done it without them) are Troy Maynard, Cindi Betts, Darryl Liguori, and Juhani (aka Salarakas) from Finland.  

Troy, Cindy and Darryl are the people who got me all the screen caps for the entries.  Without their help on this project, there literally would be no pictures on the entire countdown.  So I would like to say a special thanks to the three of them for making the Funny 115 what it is.

As for Juhani (who is better known as Salarakas at Survivor Sucks), well let's just say that every time you see one of those cool animated gif pictures in an entry (like the see saw picture in #115), he probably created it.  Since day one he has made himself available to create an animated gif for any entry on the list I might need one for.  I can't tell you how many times I have emailed him at the last minute and requested a specific .gif clip, and he'll have exactly what I am looking for in my inbox in a matter of hours.  So if there is anyone I need to thank for making the new list better than the old one, it is him.

I would also, as always, like to thank my wife Diana.  I really don't mention this very much in my writeups (because she doesn't like the attention) but Diana comes up with a bunch of the entries and jokes for the Funny 115 as we are researching episodes together.  She is easily my co-pilot when I am doing a project like this.  It is very much not just a one person project at all.  So I would like to thank and acknowledge Diana (as much as she won't want me to) for what she brings to the Funny 115.  Without Diana there would be no entries like "Shane's Pooch" or "Rocky's Space Cushion" because those are the things that she specifically watches for.

As my friend Christopher Sugarman likes to say, "Yeah Mario, you're funny at all, but Diana is way better.  She should be the one doing the podcasts.  No offense."

I would like to thank all the Survivor alums who have supported my writing and have given me feedback about my projects throughout the years.  In particular, I'm talking about Rob Cesternino, Stephen Fishbach, Gabriel Cade, Tanya Vance, Bobby "BobDawg" Mason, Eliza Orlins, Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper, Helen Glover, Peter Harkey, Mike Skupin, Diane Ogden, Yau-Man Chan, Lea "Sarge" Masters, Kathy Sleckman, and Chris Daugherty.  There are probably a few more in there that I am forgetting to thank, but a special thanks to all of you.   In particular, I want to thank Bobby Mason, who wasn't even in the first Funny 115, but he wrote me a testimonial quote for it anyway.  Not many people will do that for you.

And finally, I would also like to throw a shoutout to all the people at Survivor Sucks and on Facebook who have supported this project and helped me out with it over the last couple of months.  I can't name all the Sucksters who have helped (because there are literally hundreds of them) but you guys know who you are.  And a special thanks to all my friends in the Facebook group "Previously.... on Survivor" (aka the best Survivor fan group ever) for making me laugh and for inspiring me to always bring my A game.  When I am done with this list I will treat you all to a delicious filet mignon pizza from my restaurant GiGi's, I promise.  Lisa, I will even send you a link.

Thanks for helping, everyone.


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