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#58. Goin' Bean Nutella Man Havin's
Redemption Island - episode 11

If you were to take a thousand online Survivor fans, and you were to poll them on their least favorite Survivor season, I'm guessing that Redemption Island would probably finish right smack dab at the top.  For years, it has been the ONE season that online fans hate and do not ever want to talk about.

Well okay, maybe there's one guy who loves it

I don't personally think RI is the worst overall Survivor season (I think One World is), but there's no denying the fact that it really isn't all that fun to watch.  Between Boston Rob being allowed to have a squash match against a bunch of clueless newbies, and a Coach ripoff camera hog Phillip Sheppard dominating the airtime to the point that you just want him to stick that feather in his ass and shut up, and the fact that the Zapatera may be the single most boring tribe in thirty-five seasons of Survivor, it's hard for me to sit here and lie to you that here is anything all that fun about it.  And this is even before I remember that Russell was on the season for about ten minutes too, and ha ha lol fuck Russell.

Queen stays queen

There was ONE guy who I think was kind of sneaky-fun on Redemption Island, and that's only because he had a super dry deadpan sense of humor and you didn't always catch it the first time around.  His name was Steve Wright.  And you probably already knew that because I've been trying to sell you on him being funny for about sixty entries now.

whomp whomp

Really, from an entertainment perspective, that's about all you had when it comes to Redemption Island.  Steve was kind of funny.  And Boston Rob had his moments too, if only because this was his fourth time playing and you better know how to cut a Survivor confessional after four goddamn tries.  That's it.   Two interesting players.  That's all they had.  Oh, and Phillip and his saggy undies were out there too.


And then, of course, we come to the big man.  

We come to the ONE other person that some would argue was also one of the standout characters of Redemption Island.


Now, if you ask me, I don't personally think Ralph was anything all that amazing as a Survivor character.  I mean, sure, he might have looked good on paper.  Sure, if your name is Rooster, and you work as a farmer, and you wear overalls, and you have a long beard, and you like to crow out loud in approval of things, of course.  Naturally, just looking at that, OF COURSE you are going to feel like a fantastic potential Survivor character.

Rock out with your cock out

Ralph looked like such an amazing character on paper.  I remember being super excited about him when he first showed up in the cast list.  I remember reading about him and thinking, my god, we're about to get another Tom Buchanan.  Only instead of being sloppy drunk all the time and trying to bang his neighbor's sister, this guy is going to talk about roosters and he's going to stand up and crow at the sun.  How could a guy like that possibly not become a Survivor legend?

So I embraced Ralph at the start of Redemption Island.  And I rooted for him.  And then he ... well... um... he didn't really do anything.

I mean, seriously, name a Ralph moment from Redemption Island that doesn't involve him finding an idol and outlasting Russell Hantz.  You can't do it.  There are none.  

And no, him misspelling every name he ever wrote on a ballot doesn't count.

I actually wanted to write about this and make it its own entry

But I couldn't

Mostly because I already did "bad spelling" on version one as a Sue Hawk entry

I so wanted to love Ralph, and to talk about him as if he were this big Survivor legend.  In fact, when I first sat down to create this countdown, I originally thought I would have like five or six different Ralph entries.  I assumed he was much more significant to Redemption Island than he actually was.

But then, of course, I watched the episodes.  

And in the episodes he was just as insignificant to the story as the rest of the Zapateras.  

Somehow, in their quest to turn Redemption Island into THE CORONATION OF THE GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME, BOSTON ROB, the producers took a guy whose name was Rooster and who spoke a language other than English, and they managed to make him invisible.  

Nice work.


But look, here's the deal.  I REALLY wanted to have at least one Ralph entry on the Funny 115.  If only because... for god's sake... YOU COULDN'T UNDERSTAND A WORD THAT CAME OUT OF THE GUY'S MOUTH!  


"Terkoa wowza?  Parkaka ham lo mein."

Mmmm hmmm.  Good point.

Even when Ralph was saying the most obvious thing, the editors had to subtitle him.   And it was funny because, half the time, you couldn't understand him even when he WAS subtitled.  Even WITH the subtitles Ralph remained basically unintelligible.

"Heymah.  Affinda yuma dole!"

"Tamma kiyda.  Craybo tai-bo cancer hall?"

"Was it Dick Van Patten or Kieregaard who said, when you label me, you negate me?"

Also, he outplayed Russell Hantz

And so here we go.  

In honor of Ralph, who could have been a legend, but who instead got hosed when the producers decided to focus all the airtime on Phillip and Boston Rob, I present to you his one (and sadly, only) appearance on the Funny 115.  


It's just a fun little moment he shares with Steve in their very last episode.

Since there were only two interesting members of Zapatera, I thought it would be fitting to pay tribute to the two of them together in this very cute scene. Which is both a perfect encapsulation of everything that is Ralph, and a perfect encapsulation of everything that is Steve.  All rolled together in one little moment.

Here are they are together, for one last time, before we say goodbye to the two of them on the countdown.

Thanks for at least giving Redemption Island some entries, guys.

Okay, it's episode eleven.  And Steve and Ralph are the final two Zapaterans.  

Boston Rob has systematically destroyed the rest of their tribe.  At this point, our two heroes are now all that remain.  

It's going to be the two of them against six Ometepes.

The conqueror

At this point in the game, Steve and Ralph know they have to win immunity to stay alive.  

And, sadly, at the end of episode eleven, they don't.

Grant wins immunity instead

So much for their dreams

whomp whomp

So Steve and Ralph head back to camp prior to Tribal Council.  And it looks like it is all over for them.

Unless one of them manages to find a little crack (tm Rory), it appears that one of them is toast.

Hey, look, there's Ralph's little crack right there

Steve and Ralph head off to the shelter to talk strategy.  

And this is where Steve learns that... talking strategy with Ralph is a little more difficult than one might expect.

"Ayfanda lemanter."

This isn't the most laugh out loud scene on the countdown.  But it's so perfect for both Ralph and Steve (and so cute) that I couldn't resist.  


There are the Ometepes.  Rob has made them unstoppable.

And there's Steve.  This sucks.

And there's Ralph.  Ralph likes gravy.

Steve and Ralph meet up quietly to discuss what they are going to do tonight.

And, as usual, Ralph lobs the first strategic salvo across.

His voice flows like velvet.  

Like the great Morgan Freeman.

"Dum day one go hat."

Steve has no clue what the fuck Ralph just said

Steve (politely): "Pardon me?"

Undeterred, Ralph keeps his voice low, so as not to be overheard.

"Dum de tell no havin's."

Steve still has no clue what the heck he is saying.  

So he asks, again, nicely.

"One more time?"

At this point, Ralph, undeterred by Steve's inability to understand the King's English, turns to his friend.

And he repeats... slowly....

"Goin' bean nutella man havin's."

Which, again, even WITH the subtitles, sounds nothing like the sounds that are coming out of his mouth.

And here's my favorite part.

Steve just nods his head in response.  As if he has any idea what the hell Ralph just said.

(nodding, in agreement)  "Yep.  Mmm hmmmm."

And if there's a better example of Steve being Steve, and Ralph being Ralph, at some point during RI, I don't know what it is.

Nailed it

I wish I had more to say about Redemption Island, and how funny and fun and entertaining it was, but really, that's about as good as it gets.  It really does deserve its reputation as a dull, lifeless season.

Well, okay, there is ONE more RI entry left on the countdown.  But you're going to have to wait a while for that one.  I won't give you any hints what it is, other than it involves Jesus and I bet Boston Rob found it really hilarious.

Likes two-timing people

For now, let's say goodbye to Steve and Ralph.  Two of the rare, shiny, intermittent stars in a very dull season.  

"Bye, Ralph."   "Bah tee."

They may not have left that much of a mark.  

But then again, it's not like anyone else did.

And again, just to reiterate, this guy beat Russell at Survivor

P.S.  I still feel bad that I didn't get to include more Ralph on this countdown.  Although this helps.  Here's a great quote about Ralph from a guy named Blacramento over on Reddit.

Only Survivor gods can find idols without clues!

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