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#47. Spencer Reacts to Stuff
Cagayan (and Cambodia too) - all season(s) long

Ħay dios mio!

This is going to be kind of an interesting entry, because it wound up being a different concept than what I originally set out to do.  

When I first sat down to create this entry, the title of it was going to be "Bobblehead Spencer."  I wanted to focus on the weird way that Spencer always bobs his head up and down when he is speaking to people.  Kind of like he's a chicken.  It's hard to describe it in print if you've never noticed it before, but if you look at this gif, you can see what I originally wanted to write an entry about.


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But here's the catch.  As I started putting together the entry, I realized that there wasn't very much I could do with it.  Yeah, I could maybe put together a couple of funny gifs.  But I didn't think there was enough material here to warrant this being an entry up in the high 40's.  It just wasn't a strong enough concept to be ranked up this high.  

However, the good news is that I did notice something ELSE as I was skimming through the episodes.




The fun thing about Spencer in Cagayan (and, of course, later in Cambodia) is that he almost ALWAYS has some sort of over-the-top reaction to things.  No matter whether it's something big, or something small, or something good, or something bad, it's fun to watch what Spencer is going to do off in the background in response to it.  And so this became my obsession over the past two weeks.  I went through Cagayan, ALMOST FRAME BY FRAME, and I looked for every instance of Spencer having a spaz attack in response to something.  

And, uh, I had a lot of fun.

So anyway, here we go.  Here are my favorite fifty instances of Spencer reacting to something on Survivor.  It's kind of a lazy entry, since I don't actually have anything to say about them.  I will just present the pictures as is, exactly as I found them in the episodes.  You'll note that I cheated a little and I included some moments from Cambodia.  But you would have too if you wound up with gems like this:

At the end of the day, let me just clarify that none of these pictures are photoshopped, and none of them are fake.  Spencer just has a very dramatic way of speaking and contorting his face and reacting to stuff.  And he likes to bob and move his head around as he is speaking, which makes for some very dramatic screen caps.  If you pause it at juuuuuuuust the right moment, of course.  Obviously I couldn't have written this entry without frame step.


He may not have ever won Survivor, but he will always be the top dramatic young lad in our hearts.

(In no particular order)




The classic downshirt


The third member of TLC


The Whiner


The Freeze Ray


Heyyyyyy duuuude


The Double Fist Pump, followed by the Single Fist Pump




The Photobomb


The lobotomy


The Sarcastic Thumbs Up


The Puzzle Screamer


The Tantrum


The Smug Rooster




Fuck you, chicken.  And fuck you, rice.


The Badass


The Pointer


Slappy McSlapperson

I'm Not Even Awake and I'm Still Smirking


Girl, please

The Amanda

The Venus Flytrap (parts 1 and 2)


Oooooh, shiny!


Oh sweet, Morgan's here


The Cheater

The Day He Became Dick Van Dyke


The Day He Became Alan Thicke


Fuck yeah, milkshakes!


Careful senor, hot plate


The Opening Credits Shot


Guys, this isn't funny.  My hand's glued to my head.


The Death Blow


Bunny Foo Foo


The Pompous Giraffe


It's not a pick, it's a scratch


Crazy Eyes Killa


The Hugging Enthusiast / The Hugging Non-Enthusiast


Well this bites


Rubbing one out


The downhill skier

The Day He Became Gary Hogeboom


The Throwdown


Goober Patrol


The Side-Eye


Monkey Boy


Katie Collins Reading the Newspaper


One Lord A-Leapin'


The Aristocrat

And, of course, the one that everyone remembers...

The Bobblehead

Spencer might not have left his mark on Survivor the way that he wanted to.  In fact, some people have referred to him as "The Charlie Brown of Survivor" because every little thing that COULD have gone wrong for him along the way usually did.

Daaaaaammn youuuuu Kassssssssssss!

But at the end of the day, we'll always have Spencer.  And we'll always have his reaction shots.

I don't know if that's worth a million dollars.  

But at least it's worth something.

P.S.  Here'a a great video on Youtube which basically spells out the same thing.

P.P.S.  Oh by the way, did I mention?  Spencer also really likes salad.

Several of these were taken from Glenn X's excellent resource, The 22 Most Inappropriate GIFs of Spencer Bledsoe’s Survivor Second Chance Sex Faces

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