#33. I Was a Teenage Werewolf

33. I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957) - Season 8, episode 809
"He's devolved too much! He enjoys Adam Sandler movies!"

Plot: The dad from Little House on the Prairie turns into a werewolf.
Famous for: Characters randomly throwing milk.


My favorite riff:  Any joke about Michael Landon getting mad and throwing milk. Every single one of those is gold. Either that, or the recurring riff about his dad being depressed and always wanting to kill himself. Those are two of the funniest running jokes from ANY episode of MST3k, and they both come from the same movie. That's why this episode is special.

"Well, off to my job at Dismal-co."

Comments:  I was kind of surprised when "I Was a Teenage Werewolf" was first announced as an MST3k episode. And the reason why is because this is actually a well-known, well-respected horror movie. It is so well-known and well-respected, in fact, that Stephen King even included an homage to it in his book, "It."

King has said that this is one of the movies that actually frightened him back when he was a kid.

Beep beep, Landon. Beep beep.

Even though I Was a Teenage Werewolf is better (and far more well-known) than most of the dreck that MST3k decided to riff, it doesn't hurt things at all, because this actually wound up being a great episode. Every single time I watch it, it grows on me more and more. And it's funny because this is one of those episodes that you rarely ever see on anyone's "Best of MST3k" list. In fact, I'm not sure I have EVER seen it on anyone's favorite MST3k episodes list.

"Fudd, you check the woods. And be vewwy vewwy quiet."

I Was a Teenage Werewolf has never been a fan favorite, hardly anyone I know ever quotes from it, yet every time I watch it, I think the riffing is incredible. And that's why I will always refer to it as one of those stealth great episodes. It's maybe the one great MST3k episode that no one ever talks about.

"Help! I'm being attacked by a Berenstain Bear!"


"Judy Garland runs out of pills."

Trivia:   As I was finishing up this writeup, I went over to the website Mighty Jack's MST3k Reviews. And it's funny, he said almost the exact same thing that I just said. He loves this episode, and he also doesn't understand why it isn't a fan favorite. Here are his comments:

Though not a big fan favorite, I feel this classic Michael Landon fright flick receives some very clever, dead on MSTing from start to finish. A great choice for an experiment - "Werewolf" isn't too painful to watch, but still provides M&TB with enough material to rip on. Including a clown mating dance, callbacks to "High School Big Shot" (same actor playing the dad) and harrowing scenes of milk throwing. Teen is one of those episodes where I find myself shaking my head in awe. I am so impressed with the way the riffing taps into the vibe of the film. The comedy is so tight, so perfectly constructed and delivered. It is one of several season 8 episodes, which show off the writing staff at the top of their game.

any case, more MST3k fans should love this episode. It's really, really good.

"You know, one advantage of a werewolf: They scoop their own poop!"

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