The Survivor Historians Podcast

with Mario Lanza, Jay Fischer, Paul Asleson, and Mike Bloom

"The perfect podcast to mow and edge your lawn to."    -Listener George Hanns

"I clean so much faster listening to it.  No idea why."  -Listener Shifra Yehudis Stitzer

Superpole 2000.  We will never forget.

Podcasts available for download:

Note:  These are all available for free on itunes.

Podcast #1 (our first test podcast) - Survivor 101
Podcast #2 (Borneo) - Borneo and BJ's
Podcast #3 (Australia) - Nick Brown and the Legends of the Outback
Podcast #4 (Australia) - Rollerblading for Bessy
Podcast #5 (Africa) - Old People Fall Down in Africa
Podcast #6 (Africa) - Ethan Zorn Wins Africa, Declines Ham
Podcast #7 (Marquesas) - Holes, Little Sausages, and Zoe
Podcast #8 (Marquesas) - Mario Just Rambles On About Gabriel For 90 Minutes
Podcast #9 (Marquesas) - Vee is for Victory.  Maine!
Podcast #10 (Thailand) - Tales of Stephanie and Hermie
Podcast #11 (Thailand) - Swimming.  Lots of Swimming.
Podcast #12 (Thailand) - Lord and Master Brian Heidik
Podcast #13 (Amazon) - Hey, Maybe Christy Was The Problem
Podcast #14 (Amazon) - Paul Has a Jeannecast
Podcast #15 (Amazon) - So Was Rob Really That Close?
Podcast #16 (Pearl Islands) - Lovin' Pearl Islands, In a Sexual Way
Podcast #17 (Pearl Islands) - Outcasts, Jerks Dying, and Big Jon
Podcast #18 (Pearl Islands) - Death and Rot.  And Grandma.
Extra - The Listener Questions
Extra - Listener Questions #2
Our New Contest - The Historians Apprentice, Round 1
Our New Contest - The Historians Apprentice, Round 2
The Final Round of The Contest - The Historians Apprentice, Finale
Podcast #19 (All Stars) - The One with Magellan
Podcast #20 (All Stars) - The One with Bamboozling
Podcast #21 (All Stars) - Oh my godddddd, I'm sooooooo good!
Podcast #22 (Vanuatu) - Rebooting the Franchise, the Rory Way
Podcast #23 (Vanuatu) - Lea Masters' European Vacation
Podcast #24 (Vanuatu) - You Can't Shiznit a Shiznitter
Vanuatu Inside Perspective - The Chris Interview
Podcast #25 (Palau) - How About You Just Stop Throwing Sticks in the Fire?
Podcast #26 (Palau) - Pringles and Snot Rockets
Podcast #27 (Palau) - Season's Over, Everyone Gets a Hug
Recap - Survivor after Ten Seasons
Podcast #28 (Guatemala) - Gary Hawkins and the Ashby Line
Podcast #29 (Guatemala) - Bobby Jon Gets So Gay
Podcast #30 (Guatemala) - Sunroofs, Scumbags, and Mayan Slut Shaming
Podcast #31 (Exile Island) - Smasher/Not a Smasher
Podcast #32 (Exile Island) - Pooper/Not a Pooper
Podcast #33 (Exile Island) - Innocent/Not That Innocent
Podcast #34 (Cook Islands) - Here is a Cook Islands Podcast
Podcast #35 (Cook Islands) - Here is Another Cook Islands Podcast
Podcast #36 (Fiji) - The Orthogonal Bounty Hunter
Podcast #37 (Fiji) - It's Over, Bro.  I.I.

Podcast #38 (Fiji) - Get Outta My Dreamz, Get Into My Car
Podcast #39 (China) - A Song of Rice and Firepit
Podcast #40 (China) - Bad Boys, Bitches, and the Best One Ever
Podcast #41 (China) - A Million Dollars and Some Horse
Extra - Listener Questions #3
Podcast #42 (Micronesia) - So You Just Didn't Want to Be All Stars 2?
Podcast #43 (Micronesia) - Puzzles, Popeye, and Poop Pants

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Survivor Historians - The Backstory:

Hello.  My name is Mario Lanza and I have been a Survivor writer since August of 2001.  In fact, at one point during the show's peak (between 2001-2004), I was probably the most widely read Survivor writer in the entire world. 

The reason I put together the Survivor Historians podcast is because it seemed to me like a great deal of Survivor history has been lost in recent years.  There are so many new fans of the show these days, and so few original Borneo fans remaining, that practically the entire history of Survivor has been rewritten to only include things that have happened from season 12 (Exile Island) on.  And as much as I like the post Exile Island seasons, I just didn't think that was fair.  I didn't think it was right that a show with so much history and so much significance had a fanbase that knew so little about its most formative years.

And so, well, here we are.  I put together the Survivor Historians podcast in March of 2012.  And I did so by gathering together three of the sharpest and most knowledgeable Survivor fans I have ever known.  I got Paul Asleson from The Tribe (who will destroy anyone on the face of the Earth in a Survivor trivia contest, trust me on this), I got Beatles from Survivor Sucks (who is pretty much the most knowledgeable Survivor fan on the #1 Survivor fan site, and has been for years), and I got Jay Fischer, who is one of the funniest and smartest guys I know, and who is also an old school episode one fan just like the rest of us.  And then of course the fourth podcaster is me.  Most people know me (Mario Lanza) from when I was the head writer (2001-2004) at a website called Survivor-Central.  Either that or they know me from my project counting down the funniest moments in Survivor history called the Funny 115.

In any case, I hope you like the Survivor Historians podcast.  I can't guarantee we will do a lot of them, but if you like them just drop me an email and maybe we will do more.

And I hope you enjoy your brief foray into Survivor history.

-Mario Lanza  -  March 31, 2012

The very first vote in Survivor history.  The infamous "Souna" vote.

Note:  If you enjoy the Survivor Historians, I would also recommend my friend Justin M. Lesniewski's podcast "Welcome to the Midside."  Justin has been a friend of mine for years, and he has also been a sponsor of Historians pretty much ever since the beginning.  If you are looking for another fun podcast to listen to, I would recommend checking his out.  Just click on the link below.   -Mario

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