The Funny 115
The 115 Funniest Things to Ever Happen on Survivor

by Mario Lanza

The Funny 115 Part 3 is coming this summer!

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"When It Was Worth Playing for" goes through the first three seasons of the show, and it chronicles what it was like to be a fan of Survivor during its three most important seasons.  It also talks about how I got involved with the show, how I became a "Survivor writer", and it contains more than seventy different essays about Borneo-Africa that are guaranteed to make you a smarter Survivor fan.  It also lists which players I think should be included in "The Real Survivor Hall of Fame."

If you have ever listened to my podcast, "The Survivor Historians," this is an excellent companion piece because it delves into the exact same type of Survivor history, only it goes into a lot more detail (450 pages) than a 3-hour podcast ever could.

This is hopefully volume 1 in a series of Survivor history books.  If this book sells well I will write a sequel where I delve into the history of Marquesas through Pearl Islands.  

Hope you enjoy it!    

You can buy "When It Was Worth Playing For" directly through createspace or also through  It is the same price to you either way, but I do get a slightly higher royalty rate if you go through createspace.  Also, if you are planning to order it through Amazon, please click the link below so I will also get an advertising fee for referring you to buy the book.   Fees like that are how I help to keep the Funny 115 website alive.  Thanks!

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