The Saturday Night Live Funny 115
by Mario Lanza

My favorite SNL moments between 2000-2015

For those of you who aren't familiar with me, Saturday Night Live is my all time favorite TV show.  Yeah, I know, I'm much more well known for writing about Survivor, but when you look at things in the big picture, you can forget Survivor.  Survivor is old news.  SNL is where my true loyalty lies.  In fact, I haven't missed an episode of Saturday Night Live since about 1985, that's how dedicated I have always been to this show.  Ever since I was a kid, I would tape my favorite SNL sketches when they aired on TV, I would watch them over and over and memorize them, and because of this I am now basically the Rain Man when it comes to awesome old obscure SNL sketches.  I never forget anything when it comes to Saturday Night Live.

This countdown (The SNL Funny 115) is something I came up with in December of 2015.  I wanted to write something nice about Saturday Night Live, mainly because nobody on the internet ever does.  It has got to be the most thankless show in the history of TV to be an actual part of.  All SNL fans do every week (and this has been going on for decades) is just completely shit on how bad the last episode was, and how the show isn't good anymore, and how it hasn't been funny ever since (insert your childhood favorite castmember) left the show.  And that sort of bullshit hasn't changed probably since the late 70's.  Seriously, SNL fans are the worst. They completely take for granted that the past five or ten years have produced some of the greatest moments and performers in the history of Saturday Night Live, and I just felt that it was time that somebody on the internet actually acknowledged this.

My other motivation for writing this countdown is that I wanted to go back to my roots and start writing about SNL again, since this was the first show I ever wrote about when I first became "an internet writer" back in the early 90's.  SNL is and always will be my favorite TV show, and I wanted to pay tribute to my 115 favorite things that have happened on the show since the new millenium.  

Why 115 moments?  Well because I always make top 115 lists instead of top 100 lists, that's just sort of my trademark.

In any case, here are my 115 favorite things that happened on Saturday Night Live between the years 2000-2015.   Note that I didn't say "best moments", I just said "my favorites."  If you are going to nitpick and email me that these weren't the best, or that they weren't the funniest, you are wasting your time.  I will try to explain in each entry why I liked it so much and why I thought it was something worth writing about.  And you will notice that, as I am a comedy writer myself, I tend to prefer "writers' sketches" a lot more than I enjoy "performers' sketches."  You will definitely see that pattern develop as you go along the countdown.  There are some entries that I included only because I wanted to highlight one specific line in the sketch, and why I thought it was noteworthy.

I hope you enjoy my list.  And I hope you all stop talking so much shit about Saturday Night Live on the internet.  It would be nice if we had an internet culture where we actually appreciated a show like this instead of always just crapping on it.  The internet has way too much negativity as it is, let's try to reverse that.

And now, it's time to Get in the Cage, and get on with the list!

by Mario Lanza

Note #1:  I broke the entries up into six different groups so it wasn't just one big wall of text

Entries 115-90

Entries 89-70

Entries 69-50

Entries 49-30

Entries 29-16

Entries 15-1

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