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#100.  Todd imitates James
China - episode 9

This is just a meaningless little scene from China, but it makes me laugh every time I watch it.

The episode 9 reward challenge

It's the ninth episode of Survivor: China, and the Hae Da Fung tribe is competing in an important reward challenge.  

The eight players left in the game have been divided into a red team and a yellow team, and the team that can bounce their ball on a drum through an obstacle course first gets to go on a luxury cruise ship later tonight (including a nice dinner).

Needless to say, this is a reward that all eight players would like to win very badly.

The two competing teams - yellow (left) and red (right).

Peih-Gee (on the red team) would probably like to win this the most

So anyway, the challenge starts, and the yellow team pretty much destroys the red team.

Red in the lead for now.  But not for long.

Yellow takes the lead

Note that red isn't even in the camera shot anymore



The red team gets completely shut out of the challenge, 3-0, and their looks afterwards pretty much say it all.  They are -not- happy that they lost this reward today.

Peih-Gee in the front is particularly pissed

And now comes the fun part.

The four members of the red team go back to camp, and within about five minutes Peih-Gee and James have already started getting into it.  Peih-Gee starts by laying into James as he lays in the shelter.  She complains about the way he was talking to her during the challenge.

Peih-Gee voices her anger towards James

James rebuts this criticism in a very James-like way.

He tells her to go away

But Peih-Gee refuses to go away.  She has something to say.  And she is going to say it right now.

"I did not see your ass strolling back to the mat every time we dropped the ball."

Again James rebuts


What I love the most about this argument is the fact that at no point does James ever actually raise his voice or appear to be all that upset.  He is just laying there in the shelter, half asleep.   Because Peih-Gee is the one who is furious, not him.   James is just laying there trying to block out the sound of her voice.  In fact, it kind of reminds me of the way I used to talk to my mom when I was about 16.  Yeah, just keep on talking, woman.  Let me know when you're done so I can get back to my nap.


Ah, but then Peih-Gee decides to keep on needling him.

James tells her to shut it

Peih-Gee keeps on talking

James tells her to shut it again

And now comes the best part.  Peih-Gee keeps on talking, and now she has finally pissed him off.  So James busts out with one of my favorite quotes of the season.  

And best of all, he does it without even raising his voice.

"Can I finish?" she asks him.  "Can I please finish?"

"No you can't.  Because I don't care."

"Please stop messing with me. "

"'Cause every time you bring something up I will quickly blast you back."

"And make you look quite silly."

Peih-Gee can't take it anymore.  She storms off in frustration.

Now I know what you are thinking.  You are probably thinking, okay Mario, that was kind of cute.  And yeah that was kind of a funny quote.  But this is Funny 115 worthy?  You really think that James telling Peih-Gee he will make her look silly is funnier than Crystal failing in every single Survivor challenge?

Actually no.  I am not saying that at all.

What I am saying is Funny 115 worthy is a scene later in the episode.  Where Todd meets up with Amanda and Courtney after they gets back from the cruise.

Because this is where Todd does his impression of the epic James-Peih Gee fight.

You see, Todd had been watching the whole thing

So anyway, here we go.

Todd fills Courtney and Amanda on the big fight

Todd imitates Peih-Gee yelling at James

More Peih-Gee impression

"She freaked out on him!"

One of the girls asks in astonishment, "What did he say to her?"

And now we get the #100 moment on the Funny 115.

Todd's James Clement imitation.  

Ready for it?

"He was like... Biiiiiiiiitch!"

Ha ha.

Like I said, it's just a simple little meaningless character scene from China, but it cracks me up pretty much every single time I watch it.  There is just something about the no-frills straighforwardness of Todd's James imitation that gets me every time.  It is so simple and so pure.  It's like looking at a newborn baby fawn.  It's just awesome.

I especially love A) how he includes the Cajun/French accent, and B) how he has to scrunch up his face and wind up to achieve the necessary level of James power.

And you know, I know I can't really do it justice in a writeup either.  So if you really want the true essence of Todd doing an imitation of James (and how funny it is), check it out here in this animated gif.  This is pretty much the James imitation scene in its entirety:

So there you go.  Take one awesome character (James), take another equally awesome character (Todd) doing an imitation of him, and you have one of my sentimental favorite entries on the Funny 115.


P.S.  Oh, and how awesome is James?  Not only does he make the Funny 115 when he speaks on his own, he also makes the Funny 115 when other people are doing impressions of him.  He is one of the few characters in Funny 115 history who can actually get second-hand residual being funny credit!

"And I also did Parvati!"

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