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#113.  Penner Trash Talks the Fans
Fans vs Favorites - Episode 3

When I first sat down to make the new Funny 115, a lot of people told me, "You have to have an entry for Jonathan Penner.  He is one of the funniest Survivors ever.  He was hilarious in Cook Islands."

So I sat down to watch Cook Islands.  And I waited.  I waited for that -one- great Jonathan Penner moment.  The one that I knew would make him a slam dunk to have his own entry on the Funny 115.

The only problem was that I never could find it.   It never happened.  Oh sure, Jonathan had a lot of good quotes.  He had a lot of fun little quips.  He was certainly witty and one of the best narrators the show has ever had.  It was a lot of fun to watch him bitch at Jeff Probst.  But to get an entry that is simply called "Jonathan Penner" on the Funny 115 you need to have a bunch of A+ level hilarious quotes and... I'm sorry... Jonathan comes thiiiis close, but he doesn't quite make it.

This ruling is bollocks and Jonathan knows it.

However, don't take this the wrong way.  Just because Penner won't have his own entry doesn't mean I'm not a big fan of his.  I think he is one of the wittiest, most well spoken, and most fascinating characters that have ever been on Survivor.   You could plop Jonathan Penner down in a room and have him read names out of the phone book, and I bet it would be better than 75% of the episodes of Survivor: Cook Islands.  He is like Coach in the sense that pretty much every scene he shows up in on TV is better, simply because he is in it.

Happy Jonathan

For Jonathan's first entry on the Funny 115, I have selected a very funny scene from Fans vs Favorites.  It comes in episode three during the immunity challenge.

The challenge for the day involves throwing coconuts up into a net basket.  The first tribe to fill their net, and make the other tribe lose control of the rope holding it from below, wins immunity.  In theory it is a very simple challenge.  Whoever can make the most baskets wins immunity.

Well what is funny about this is challenge is that about midway through, Jonathan Penner starts trash talking the Fans.  He starts trash talking them -hard-.  And he doesn't just trash talk them either, he starts making up nicknames for them.  Every single time a Fan runs up to shoot a basket, Penner A) makes up a new name for them, B) tries to distract them and throw off their timing, and then C) heckles them afterwards when they miss the shot.  In fact at one point Penner is so into it that he even starts taking digs at Amanda on his own team.

Penner and the Favorites holding their rope

Sizing up his competition

The taunts begin

"Mikey B!  Mikey B!  Swiiiiiing and a missss!"

"Come on Kathy, show us how it's done in Wisconsin!"

Having fun

More taunts

This one is my favorite.  "Chet.  You're at a pageant.  Annnnnnnd..... CHET!"

After Jason makes a basket for the Fans...

"Nice shot there, squirrely boy."

I really wish I could do this scene justice and capture just how funny it is in print.  Unfortunately you will probably have to watch it on the Youtube channel to get the spirit of how much fun Penner is having talking shit about people.  He does it so much during this challenge that Jeff Probst even comments on it later, saying "Penner, talkin' a lllllot of trash.  Just like we expect.  Reminds me of the Cook Islands."  

Meanwhile then there's Penner off to the side, giant shit eating grin on his face, satisfied that he is cementing his legacy as one of the single most entertaining Survivor players of all time.

Shit eating grin

I love this scene.

P.S.  My 10 year old daughter doesn't really watch Survivor very often, but she happened to be in the room when I was watching this scene in research for this list.  And her assessment?  "That Jonathan guy is funny."  So there you go.  The endorsement of a 10 year old.

P.P.S.  Oh yeah, and who won this challenge?  Well I guess the trash talking didn't work, because the Fans won anyway.

Squirrely Boy for the win!

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