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#112.  Jason Siska is a god
Fans vs Favorites - episode 10

There are some entries on the Funny 115 that are long and will take a lot of writing and a lot of screencaps.

Then there are some (like this one) that will be very short.

Have you noticed that a lot of the entries so far are just some random quote from an episode that made me laugh and I thought you should remember it?  Well this one is no different.  Here is a great quickie quote from Survivor: Fans vs Favorites that is so obscure that I doubt you even remember it.  

Which is a shame, because it is just about the funniest quote in Survivor history when you know all the context behind it.

Jason Siska - Survivor bitch

It is the morning after the infamous "It's just a stick!" Tribal Council in Fans vs Favorites.  Which means that Jason was just humiliated by Ozzy into digging up a stick with a smiley face on it and thinking it was an actual hidden immunity idol.  By the way, don't worry, we will talk about that scene much much later on the Funny 115.  There's no way I would bury "It's just a f****** stick!" down here in the 100's.  That's a top 20 funniest moment if ever there was one.

So anyway, it is the morning after the fateful "stick" Tribal Council, and Jason is explaining to us how humiliating it was last night and how silly he felt when Ozzy tricked him.

"Ozzy fooled me.  Uh, he did a good job.  I felt kind of silly, but, you know, in the end that's not what matters.  It's how far you get in the game." 

And then comes the best part.  It's a quickie.  But if you know what is about to happen, this is truly one of the single best quotes in Survivor history.

"And, uh, to go up against Ozzy in the first individual immunity challenge and win let me know that, you know..."

"Ozzy's not the only godlike competitor who can play this game."

Ha ha.  That's right.  Jason Siska just compared himself to a god.

Which is awesome, considering he may have the single most humiliating storyline in Survivor history.

Seriously, you thought that Erik from Fans vs Favorites took a humiliating fall?  You thought John Carroll or Silas or James or Russell Hantz suffered a humiliating fall?  Just wait until we get to the Fall of Jason Siska, sometime in the top 20.  He gets my vote for the single most embarrassing storyline in Survivor history.  And it's not even close.  

It's even better when you know that, the episode before his fall, he essentially referred to himself a Survivor god.


I love ironic Survivor editing by the way.    :)

P.S.  Here's a great quote from my friend Kevin:  "The closest Jason Siska ever got to God is the way he always asked "Oh my God what the hell just happened????" after every Tribal Council."

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