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#22.  Don't touch Shane's shoulder
Exile Island - finale

This is just a quickie little visual entry, but it cracks me up every single time I watch it.  And I love that it cracks me up, because it is one of those forgotten little moments that I don't think very many Survivor fans remember.  Unless you are one of those obsessive Survivor fans who remembers every little detail about every little player in every little season, I can almost bet money that you aren't going to remember this one.

By the way, remember how on the original Funny 115 I had a bunch of entries I called "Mario's hidden gems"?  Well if I was doing hidden gems on Version 2.0, this would probably be the top little hidden gem on the list.  I feel that strongly about it

Like I said before, this scene will crack you up.  Guaranteed.  It is just perfect.  

It is especially perfect because of the two characters who are involved.

Oil (left) and water (right)

Okay, so here we go.  One of the shortest entries on the Funny 115, but one of the funniest.

This one was destined to be in the top 25 the moment I saw it.

When it comes to famous feuds in Survivor history, you know how a lot of times they wind up with the two people actually becoming allies?  And then in some instances how the two people will make up and even actually become friends?

Remember Bobby Jon and Jamie in Guatemala?

Remember how they went from this...

... to this?

There have been a lot of instances in Survivor history where two people started off awkwardly with one another, but then later become buddies.

Remember how Rudy only hated 99.9999% of all queers by the end of Borneo?

Remember how Colby eventually accepted the flaws of his younger brother Reid?

Remember the touching hug between Penner and Probst at the end of Cook Islands?

Remember how Russell and Sandra eventually got married?

Yes, there have been a lot of "we started out weird, but we later became friends" stories in the history of Survivor.

This, however, is not one of them.

You know what I loved about the Shane/Courtney feud so much?   You know why I say it was probably the greatest feud in Survivor history*?

* aside from Ghandia v. grinding

What I loved about it is that there was no fucking resolution whatsoever!

Seriously, if you go back and watch Exile Island, you will notice that at no point did Shane and Courtney ever actually make up.  At no point during Exile Island did they even actually come close to making up.  I would be willing to bet money that Shane hated her just as much at the reunion show as he did on day one.  It was the perfect example of a Seinfeld relationship.  There was no hugging, no learning.

Want to see why I say there was no resolution between the two of them whatsoever?

Well here you go.  This is the very last scene of Survivor: Exile Island.  Swear to God.   The very.  Last.  Scene.

This is the last interaction we ever see between Shane and Courtney.

It sums up their relationship quite perfectly.

It is the Survivor: Exile Island finale, and the jury is sitting there, ready to pick the winner

As fate would have it, Courtney happens to be sitting right behind Shane

This is not good for Shane

The reason it is not good for Shane is because every single time Courtney has to come down to do something (like talk, or cast a vote)...

... she braces herself by grabbing onto his shoulder

Well since Courtney is annoying, and since Shane is crazy, you can kind of guess where we are going with this.

Shane doesn't like it

Would you knock that shit off?!?

And like I said, what happens next is the VERY LAST SCENE of Exile Island.  It has got to be the funniest little interaction between any two Survivor jurors ever.  This is the very last time we ever see Shane and Courtney interact in Survivor.

"Okay jury.  It is time to vote."

It's votin' time.

Courtney gets up to vote.  And sure enough... just like always...

She braces on his shoulder

Yeah okay.   That's juuuuuuuust about enough of that.


Yeah, try that again Courtney.  Try it again, see what happens

Courtney goes up to vote

And when she comes back to her seat, guess what happens

How does Shane handle this like a mature and responsible adult?

Well he just slides over a little bit

And then he keeps sliding

And then he keeps sliding, all the way into Terry's lap


And then here's the best part of the whole exchange...

Just to spite him, Courtney reaches out and touches him anyway

Which, of course, leads to...

Crazy Eyes!

Yeah, so anyway.  You know how you never hear about Courtney Marit these days?  You know how you never heard a thing about her after Survivor: Exile Island.  Well the reason you never heard a thing about her because Courtney's dead.   Shane killed her about 75 seconds after the crazy eyes picture.

Here is the entire little Shane/Courtney exchange in gif format

And so there you go.  One of my favorite little visual moments on the countdown, and one of the entries that I would definitely consider a "hidden gem" if I was still categorizing those.  May you never watch Exile Island again and not look forward to it.

I love that the Shane and Courtney storyline concluded with the two of them both acting like five year olds.

Is cranky; needs a nap

* Special thanks to readers Hisham and Jean-Damien for sending me the two photoshop pictures (the Sandra/Russell one and the Probst/Penner hug).  Thank you for making those specifically for this entry!

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