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#40.  Erinn's evil smile
Tocantins - episode 3

Okay now this one is awesome.  

If there is one entry on the Funny 115 that is destined to become a reader favorite down the road, I am positive it is going to be this one.  I have never stood behind a F115 moment as strongly as I do behind Coach and his grinning Erinn impression.

I feel so strongly about this entry, in fact, that I'm not even going to do any commentary on it.  I am just going to portray it as it happened on the show, and then you can just sit there and you can laugh your ass off.  Then we can talk more later when it comes to #39.

So here we go.  Coach doing his Erinn impression.  One of my favorite visual moments in 22 seasons of Survivor.

I really don't think you are ready for this.

At the beginning of episode 3, Coach tells us that he doesn't trust Erinn, and that he doesn't like her anymore because she tried to align against him.

This was a bad idea.  Only impure people try to align against Coach.

Coach spends the entire episode stewing about how much he hates Erinn now



But what really sets off Coach is what happens after the Immunity Challenge.  After Timbira loses.

Timbira loses immunity yet again.  Coach is... not pleased.

The Timbiras go back to camp and they talk about who they are going to vote out tonight.

They eventually decide to vote out Jerry, because he is sick and weak at the moment.  He has been laying down in the shelter all afternoon, and he is probably dead.

R.I.P.  Jerry Sims - 1960-2009

The original plan had been to vote out Erinn, but it looks like Jerry's illness is going to spare her tonight.

And this is when something happens that really really really really annoys Coach.

Erinn hears the news that she is going to be spared tonight, and she smiles.

The grinning ice banshee

Coach sees this grin and he snaps

Coach sits down for a confessional, and he tells us exactly why Erinn's grin pisses him off so much.  I love this scene.

"The most unfortunate thing about this whole situation is that... "

"As soon as Erinn realized that Jerry was that sick, she turned around and looked at the tribe..."

"With this evil sneer."

"Kind of like..."

Coach's awesome Erinn impression in animated gif form

Now normally this scene would be good enough.  I mean, right there, you could play that gif over and over and I would never be tired of it.  But what is great about this moment is that... not only does Coach imitate Erinn once... he actually imitates her again later in the very next scene.  The editors loved Coach's Erinn impression so much that it actually got an encore performance.

Check it out.

"Hang on, I've been practicing."

As my wife Diana says, "I love the fact that he's been practicing."

And then of course we finish it off with quote #2,341 that could only have come out of the mouth of Coach.

"I cannot exist around people like that.  You guys can, because you can socialize with 'em."

"I am so true that existing around people who smile evilly when somebody else is on their knees... kills me!"

Hang on, she's been practicing

The Smiling Evilly Slayer

I love Coach.

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