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#42.  Awwww BITCH!
Fans vs Favorites - episode 10

It is the tenth episode of Fans vs. Favorites, and today the Foshizzle tribe is competing in a simple immunity challenge.

It is this one, the "hold your arm in the air or else you will get colored water dumped on your head" challenge.

Jeff explains today's rules.

"Keep your arm in the air for as long as you can.  Last one who doesn't get douched wins immunity."

"Oh, and also..."

"I'm a little steam engine.  Choo choo!"

The players line up under their water buckets.

And the challenge begins

At twenty minutes into the challenge, Jeff Probst does what Jeff Probst is known to do.  He brings out food and he tries to bribe them.

Awwww yeah

"Anyone want a bowl of candy?"

Cirie and Erik quickly decide that they will split the bowl of candy.

And so they pull their chains.


Cirie:  *giggle*   Erik:  "damn."

"What in the Nickelodeon is goin' on 'round here?"

One of the best James quotes ever, by the way.

Erik takes one bite of candy, and then quickly hands the rest over to the Black Widow Brigade

Back in the challenge, James struggles to keep his focus.  "Must go to the happy place..."

James finds his happy place.  It probably involves his grandma spinning the heads off of chickens.

Decapitated chickens.  Separated neck bones.  Nightmarish headless fleeing corpses.   Mmmmmmmm....

James' happy place

Twenty-five minutes later, we have now passed the 45 minute mark.  And that's when Jeff comes out with another bribe for the players.

Mary Alexis looks over at him with interest.

"If it's a steak, I quit."

Before Jeff can even announce what he has, Mary Alexis decides that she wants it.  So she pulls her bucket over.

"Gimme gimme gimme!"

Get that girl some vinegar and water...

'cause she just got douched!

Yay!  Food!

Cirie and Erik react with astonishment

But not James.  James just starts laughing at her.

Jeff immediately puts the kibosh on this one.  "Nope, sorry Alexis.  I didn't even tell you what I had yet."



But they got...!

Nuh uh.

But you said...!

Not a chance.  Eat me.


James leans back and just starts howling with laughter

Mary Alexis storms over the loser's bench now, steaming mad.   Like Robb Zbacnik, she's furious that she got beat by a bunch of rules.

Ozzy offers sympathy

So does Amanda

But not James.  James is still giddy with delight over how funny that was.

Mary Alexis takes her seat on the loser's bench.

And that's when she sees what she could have had.  It was a chocolate chip cookie and milk.

Still laughing

Natalie sees the cookie, but before she can announce that she wants it, her bucket tips over on its own.

Get that girl some vinegar and water...

Oh you get the point.

All done.  But no cookie.

Natalie is out.  And so far, no cookie for anyone.  Meanwhile Mary Alexis is still pouting in the background.

James is clearly amused by what happened to Alexis and now to Natalie.

And that's when we get to the #42 entry on the Funny 115.

James starts monologuing about the fate of the poor girls.

"That would suck!"

As he is laughing and talking about it, he accidentally stretches his right arm out a little too far

Oh poopy.

And that's when we get awesome James quote #2...

"Awwwwww BITCH!"


Beaten by a bunch of irony

Poverty laughs

And thus ends one of the funniest challenge performances in Survivor history

Making friends on the losers bench

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