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#51.  Coach gets no respect
Heroes vs Villains - all season long

Poor Coach.

The guy has been on two seasons of Survivor, yet all that anyone ever does is trash him, hate on him, disrespect him, and make fun of him.

"Everybody knows Coach is a big joke!"

"Any thirty-seven year old man who thinks he's a dragon slayer belongs in a mental institution."

"He sounds queer.  I don't like 'im."

"Coach strikes me as very disrespectful to Mother Africa."

"I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of putting a man in a kayak and then talking shit about him."

The Coach bashing over the years has gotten so prevalent, in fact, that even the host of the show has now officially thrown his hat into the ring and has decided to make a sport out of it.  In fact, I have already written an entry dedicated to how Jeff Probst likes to talk shit about Coach every chance he gets.  And that's not even another player I am writing about there.   By this point, in the spring of 2011, we even have the executive producer of Survivor now routinely bitch-slapping the guy.

"Hey Coach, blow me."

I tell you, life as Coach Wade is sort of like life as Rodney Dangerfield.  You don't get any respect.  

It just isn't fair.

Coach has had his ass eaten by pygmies zero times

But in Heroes vs Villains, it was all supposed to be different.

Yes, in Heroes vs Villains, Coach Wade was coming into Survivor with a new mindset.  He was coming back for his second go around on the show with an entirely different attitude.  Because this time, he wasn't playing against a bunch of amateurs.  This time, it wasn't him and then just some random inferior group of commoners.  No, this time around, it was going to be different.  This time, it was going to be him, The Dragon Slayer, and then lots of other elite Type A strivers of excellence, and they would all be able to hang around and sharpen each other.  It was going to be awesome.

Soon God would even want to sharpen up against him

But you know... sometimes there's a very large gap between "expectations" and "reality."  Because the minute Coach set foot on the beach in Heroes vs. Villains, the mockery started right up again.  Only this time, it was even worse than it had been in Tocantins.  This time, the Villains went flat out medieval on him.


So anyway, here you go.  Here are my seven favorite moments of the Villains just flat out mocking Coach.  Or disrespecting him.  Or just rolling their eyes to the camera and telling us "this guy is ridiculous."  It started from pretty much the very first minute of Heroes vs. Villains, and was easily one the funniest subplots of the season.


7.  Courtney questions Coach's hairstyle

It's episode eight, and Courtney is casting a vote for the Dragon Slayer.

"You're a frigging lunatic."

"I'm just glad I don't have to live with you anymore."

"... and nice feather in your hair."

6.  Even Russell gets in a dig

"I'm Russell Hantz."

It's episode one, and Coach is complaining about all the mosquito bites

"I'm getting tore up, man.  You know, I must have like ten bites already."

"They like that Dragon blood."

5.   Boston Rob wonders if Coach should even be in the cast

It's episode one, and Coach has failed to climb a tree (after being dared to do it by Boston Rob)

Coach returns back down to the sand in shame

As they all walk off into the sunset, Coach tries to sum up his failure with a poignant Coach-ism

Coach:  "From the hero to the zero."

Boston Rob hears this and can think of an even better analogy.

Boston Rob:  "From the hero to the zero?"

Coach:  "Yep"

Boston Rob:  "From the Villain to the never-was!"

4.  Boston Rob points out a flaw in Coach's stories

It's episode three, and Coach is regaling the Villains with yet another of his many amazing true life adventure stories

"So I'm three days out, basically, from Bahia Kino, 95 degrees, hot as hell, started throwing up."

"My gums were like bleeding a little bit, and I starting getting these big sores on my face."

"I'm like... alright, what's this?"

Boston Rob:  (interrupting)  "Is this the same story as last night?"

"Not the same story, my man."

Boston Rob:  "It's startin' out awful similar."

The entire rest of the tribe:  *giggling*

The Braggin' Slayer

3.  Courtney questions Coach's manliness

It's episode 9, and the Villains are reading tree mail about the upcoming immunity challenge

It is the "hold yourself up between two walls challenge" that Survivor last did in Tocantins

Courtney remembers the comedy when Coach tried to do this challenge during his season

"Remember you guys?  Coach screamed at the end of his."

"He was like "Goo!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"And then he jumped off."


Parvati laughs out loud

2.  The Villains have no respect for Dragon Chi

It's episode five, and Coach is leading the Villains in an early morning session of Dragon Chi

"Dragon Chi is complete body control.  It fuses everything together."

Fusing it all together

Sandra doing her best to follow along

It all goes well for a while, until this part.

Coach closes his eyes and looks down, and Tyson mocks him by doing a Mister Miyagi Crane Stance technique

Then Coach starts singing some sort of a Gregorian chant

Sandra hears this and looks up

"What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuck?"

Parvati sees Sandra look up and breaks a smile

Coach continues to sing

Sandra looks over at Courtney to see what she is thinking about all this

Sandra can't help it.  She just loses it.


And my favorite.  Number one.

1.  Boston Rob won't let Coach sharpen him.

Hey look, there's Boston Rob.  He's neat.  Let me go talk to him.

"Hey Rob.  Sup bro.  Wanna hang out?"


"Can I at least bromance on my idol?"


"Come on man.  Can't we just hang out together and do stuff?"


"But I just wanna hang out and sharpen each other."

*long sigh*  *deep breath*

"No, I gotta go.   Bye."

"Don't sharpen me."

Awkward fist bump


So there you have it.  Poor Coach.  The guy comes into a new season with such high expectations, and all that happens is that everybody shits on him.  It just isn't fair.

I mean, somebody has to love the guy.   There has to be somebody out there who loves Coach and is a huge Coach supporter.   Isn't there at least one person out there who understands why Coach is so awesome and is such an amazing Survivor character?

"I do."

Well there you go.  

Thanks Coach.

P.S.  It would have been a top 10 instead of a top 7, but the three other moments I would have picked are all going to get their own entry.  And yes "Coach tries to climb a tree" is one of them.  In other words, I don't want any bitchy emails about how I left out the best quotes from that scene.  

Yes, we will hear from Sandra and Boston Bob eventually.  We will get to that awesome scene in time.  Just be patient, my friends.

"He said goo!"

P.P.S.  Several people have pointed out to me that there are even more scenes where the Villains just mercilessly mock Coach, except you have to go to the CBS secret scenes to find them.  So anyway, here you go.  Here is the best one.  Here is a funny scene where Boston Rob makes fun of Coach and talks trash about him.  In particular, pay attention to Rob's face at the 1:45 mark.  I dare you not to laugh at that face.

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