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#71.  Mary who??
Fans vs Favorites - all season long

There are some Survivor moments that are funny just because they are obviously funny.


There are some Survivor moments that are funny only if you sort of know the history and the context behind them.

Hey Colby

There are some Survivor moments that are funny only because they are so awkward and so weird.

Nooooooo, I don't want my touching medivac scene to look like this!!!

And then there are my favorites... the Survivor moments that are funny only if you stop and you think about them for a little bit.

Yes, there have been so many great types of Survivor comedy throughout the years.

"No shit, Sherlock."

But if you want to see an entirely new type of comedy on the Funny 115, check out this moment (a Survivor Sucks favorite!) from Fans vs. Favorites.  Because this is a whole new different style of comedy altogether.  This is what I like to call "an editor's entry."  This is where the editors decide they are going to make an editorial comment about the season, and they are going to do so by using the editing to just make up a subtle joke out of thin air.

If this type of subtle editing entry sounds familiar to you, it should.  This is exactly what the editors did to James Miller with his "Oracle of Ulong" prediction skills in Palau.  They made sure that every single one of the his predictions turned out to be wrong over the course of the season.


Who knows why they did this.  Maybe they just didn't like him.  Maybe they thought James was just one big giant blowhard.  Maybe they thought it would be funny to make him come off like a self-confident cocky idiot.

What was particularly awesome about the Oracle of Ulong entry (and entries like this) is that you would only notice it if you went back and watched Palau a second time.  You would only pick up on it if you knew how the season ended, and if you paid attention to what the editors were doing to him.

That's why I call this type of entry "an editor's entry."

"Charlie Sheen's gonna become president in 2010.  You mark my words.  Hell yea!"

So anyway, onto one of the best editor's entries on the new Funny 115.   The sad saga of the forgotten Mary Sartain.   Like I said before, this is a Survivor Sucks favorite.  People on Sucks mentioned it to me over and over again when I asked for version 2.0 nominations.

Now that I am finally memorializing it on the Funny 115, hopefully all the people who have never noticed it before will finally pick up on it and will appreciate it.

P.S.  This is why the Survivor editors are some of the best on TV.

Mary Sartain - aka "who??"

In episode two of Fans vs. Favorites, the Airai ("Fans") Tribe decides that they are going to vote out tribe member Mary Sartain.

"Mary Sartain?", you might ask, with a look of confusion your face.  "Who's Mary Sartain?  I don't remember her. Which one was she?"

Well, actually, I'm glad that you asked that question.

I'm glad because the other players (at least, through the editors) sure spent a lot of time asking it as well.  

"Mary?   Mary who??  
Which one is Mary???"

All season long.  Don't believe me?  Watch and see.

The editors sure had a lot of fun with this storyline.

Episode two.  Joel informs Kathy that they are voting for Mary

Blank stare

Joel repeats the name.  Mary.

Finally Joel repeats the name one last time, just to make sure she has it.

Kathy has no idea who the fuck Mary is.  

 She has to repeat the name to remember it.

Still trying to figure out who this Mary person is...

Kathy later sits down for a confessional and she repeats to us who tonight's vote is supposed to be for.

"Joel steps up to me and says it's Mary."

(imitating Joel) "It's Mary."

"I'm like... where did Mary come from?"

So anyway, yeah.  At the end of episode 2, the unknown mysterious Mary Sartain is voted out of the game.


And you know, you would think that would be the end of it.  In any other season, with any other random anonymous character, being voted out in episode two would be the obvious end of their storyline.

But nope.  Not in Fans vs Favorites it isn't.

Because the editors are determined to play off of that Kathy scene and have a little more fun with it.  

Here we go.

The Fans Tribe marches out at the beginning of the episode three reward challenge

Jeff Probst explains to the Favorites what they are looking at

"Favorites, getting your first look at the new tribe of Fans.  Mary... voted out at the last Tribal Council."

And then we get this awesome Eliza reaction.

(confused)  "............. Mary?"

Ha ha.  I love it.  I love when the editors do stuff like that.  It's a perfect callback to the Kathy scene from the episode before.

But wait!  We're not done!

Want to see more "Mary who?" callback comedy?  Well check out this scene from the very end of the season, during the finale.  It's now eleven episodes later, and the editors are STILL having fun with the forgotten legacy of poor Mary.

It's the final three torch walk, and Parvati, Amanda, and Cirie approach Mary's torch

And there it is.

What memories do they have of Mary Sartain?  What love and affection can they share about their former competitor who has long since been voted out of the game?

What is the one nice thing they can say to memorialize Mary's Survivor legacy?

Well this is why I love the editors so much

Parvati:  "Didn't really know Mary."


Seriously, if you want to see an A+ example of a season long editor's joke, you need look no further than the forgotten legacy of Mary Sartain in Fans vs. Favorites.  The editors took a minor character that 95% of Survivor fans wouldn't even remember, and they gave her a legacy that was made to be memorialized on a list like the Funny 115.

I have no idea what Mary Sartain did to piss off the Survivor producers, but I'm glad that whatever she did, she did.  I'm glad that the editors basically Kelly Purpled her.  Because once you catch on to her storyline it is funny as hell.  Every time her name comes up, somebody immediately has to ask, "Who??"

By the way, the "Mary who??" storyline is also featured in one of the best Survivor Youtube videos of all time, the legendary Survivor Micronesia: Amnesia Island.  If you have never seen this video before, be sure to check it out and laugh your ass off.   Because there's no way the Youtube channel can top what has already been done with this entry.

Mary Sartain.  The real Mary.

P.S.  If you are an Arrested Development fan, you will appreciate this quote from RussellRules at Survivor Sucks:  "Mary is the Ann Veal of Survivor." 


P.P.S.   Yes I know that the players all knew who Mary was.  Duh.   That is why I call this "an editor's entry."  It is a completely fabricated storyline that the editors just randomly made up as sort of a wink to the audience.  They thought that the Kathy scene in episode two was funny so they wanted to keep playing off of it throughout the season.  They do stuff like this on Survivor all the time.  

This is why I always say that the second viewing of a season is way better than the first.  You would never catch "Mary who??" if you only watched Fans vs Favorites once.

P.P.P.S.  Here is the perfect quote to end this entry.  From a reader named Moe Goldberg:  "I just discovered something extremely ironic.  Mary from Micronesia was born on November 11 - which just happens to be Remembrance Day here in Canada."

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