The Funny 115 - version 2.0

#87.  Michelle falls off the platform
Fiji - episode 7

It is episode seven of Survivor: Fiji, and today the Motos and the Ravus are going to be competing in an immunity challenge.

The challenge?

Run around an obstacle course and do stuff

While blindfolded

Now of course this is a challenge we have seen several times on Survivor before.  Heck, we saw it in Survivor: The Australian Outback in my all time favorite Survivor challenge (episode 6, Nick leads the Kuchas past Jerri and Amber).  

Kucha steals a win from Ogakor

Oh my Godddd.  Soooooo sad.

We also saw a memorable version of it in Survivor: All-Stars when Big Tom blindly took a block to the face, and Rob C. started crying.  Do you remember that one?   If I ever went back and added entry #116 to the original countdown, that is the scene that would probably make it.

Big Tom is about to meet Jesus personally


Rob C:  *wah*
Amber:  Oh my Goddddd.  Sooooo sad.

So anyway, we have a lot of historical precedent when it comes to a "get blindfolded and do stuff" challenge on Survivor.  Sometimes it turns out awesome and exciting, like Australia.  Sometimes it turns into bassoon music and slapstick, like All-Stars.  Oftentimes it features Amber.

Oh my Goddd.  Sooooo hot.

But if you are looking for the blindfolded slapstick moment which was one of the most frequently nominated entries for the Funny 115, well you have come to the right place.

That's right, it is time to immortalize Michelle falling off the caller's platform in Fiji.


You remember Michelle, right?  You know, the cute adorable little Asian girl who got screwed out of the game by the most ridiculous pointless bullshit twist in Survivor history.  Remember her?

Hi, I'm cute

What, you say you don't remember her?

Hi, I like to pose with my arms up

Well it doesn't matter.  She wasn't a particularly significant character in Survivor history.  I mean, again, other than the bullshit twist which made no sense, which completely screwed her over for no reason, and which sort of made a mockery out of Survivor: Fiji.  I mean, other than -that-, and other than the famous falling off the platform scene, there is probably no reason you would ever remember her.

Well, okay, unless you are into girl on girl kissing with Eliza

Remembers Michelle

Okay, without further ado, here we go.  The famous "Michelle falls off the platform" slapstick scene from Survivor: Fiji.  Like I said, this was one of the more popular and requested entries for Funny 115 version 2.0.  The only reason I kept it off the original version of the countdown is because it happens so fast in the background, and I didn't think it would make a very good writeup.

But then I went back and I watched the scene again.  

And that, combined with the 30,000 people who yelled at me for leaving it off the countdown and calling me a douchebag, finally convinced me to add it back in.


It is episode seven, and the Motos and the Ravus are competing in the famous "get blindfolded and do stuff" challenge.

Led by Michelle, for the Motos

And Lisi, for the Ravus

The challenge starts, and immediately Michelle and Lisi start yelling at their teammates in an attempt to get them to do stuff

Lisi in action

Michelle in action

Lisi in action

Michelle in action

At one point in the challenge Alex takes over as the Ravu caller, but it really doesn't matter.  Because what happens to Michelle is the thing we are going to look for.

In fact, it is going to happen in about 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Michelle instructs Stacy

Stacy succeeds

Michelle gets excited and starts singing and hopping around

Next up is Cassandra.  Michelle successfully instructs her.

Michelle continues to hop around and do her little sexy dance

Finally, we come to the fifth and last of the Moto stuff-doers.  We go through Earl, we go through Boo.  And finally, we come to the big one.

We come to Yau-Man.


And this is where greatness unfolds.

Michelle starts screaming for Yau-Man to walk in the right direction

"Faster!  Faster!  Faster!  Follow that rail!  Follow that rail!  Follow that rail!!"


And it is midway through this excited little hop where Michelle suddenly remembers she is on an elevated platform

And just like that...


Oh my Goddddd.  Sooooo sad.

Michelle falls, as 3-D Yau-Man comes right into your living room

Like I said before, pretty much everyone remembers this scene.  They remember it because that fall just comes completely out of nowhere.  You're not expecting it all, and then suddenly Michelle just disappears off the side of the screen halfway through the challenge.  It's awesome because it happens so quickly.

Um, oops?  *giggle*

But of course since Michelle is a trooper, there she is, climbing right back up the ladder.  Five seconds later, she is none the worse for wear.  She just hops back up on her platform, and she leads Yau-Man to an immunity victory.

Although presumably, this time, she does it with less hopping.

Oh my Goddd.  Soooooo resilient.

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