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#89.  The Worst Tribute Ever
Exile Island - episodes 5-10

Okay, before I write about this moment, let me explain that I tried my best to have all types of humor on this countdown.  As we get down closer to #1, you are going to see slapstick, you are going to see wordplay, you are going to see highbrow, you are going to see lowbrow, and I have no doubt whatsoever you will see just as many witty entries as you are going to see ones that involve gratuitous fart and poop jokes.

The reason I put that little disclaimer before this moment is because this entry (#89) might not appear all that funny the first time you read about it.  It might not appear that way because it's not as obvious as some of the other moments you are going to find on the countdown.  It's not like Coach and Russell on a see-saw, the humor isn't going to jump out at you right away.

However, what this moment does have going for it is irony.  Unintentional irony.  Glorious unintentional irony.

Which, as anyone who knows me can tell you, is my absolute favorite kind of comedy in the world.  

An example of unintentional irony

Not surprisingly, this unintentional ironic moment stars the queen of unintentional comedy herself, Courtney Marit.

Lacks nuance

Okay, are you ready for it?  This is a great moment if you look at it just from an irony perspective.  In fact if you are the type of person who enjoys this kind of humor, this will probably be one of your favorite moments on the entire countdown.

Shall we begin?

It's the fifth episode of Exile Island, and Casaya's resident zen master Bruce decides he is going to build a zen rock garden

He wants a special place on the beach where he can go to be alone with his thoughts

He wants it to be tranquil, and peaceful, and beautiful

Bruce explains to us that he wants his zen garden to be his own little special place on the beach

But uh oh.  One day Bruce comes back from gathering supplies, and we have trouble.

Courtney comes down to do her yoga on the beach, and she does it while standing directly in Bruce's rock garden

Pretty soon she comes down here and starts doing this every day.  Day after day after day.  Always yoga.  And always in his rock garden.  

Every day Bruce comes down to his special little place, and every day there is Courtney, fucking with it.  He is not very happy about this.

After about a week of this, Bruce is completely dismayed.  Why does she always have to f with my rock garden???  Why here??  This was supposed to be my special place.  If there is one thing that Bruce wants in the world, it is for Courtney to stop fucking with his rock garden.

Uh oh.  And then tragedy strikes.

In episode 10, Bruce has severe intestinal blockage.  The producers are forced to call in the medics

ZOMG, colon!

Bruce is medevaced out of the game

Courtney watches Bruce being carried away in a stretcher.  She is touched.  It is a very sad scene.

And with Bruce out of the game, what does Courtney decide to do about it?

Well first off, she feels bad that he left.  She doesn't like that he had to be evacuated for medical reasons.  It has shaken her up quite a bit.  

In Bruce's honor, she wants to do some sort of a tribute to him.  

Courtney's plan is to do something that would mean a lot to Bruce.  She wants to show him that the Casayas still love him and  that they all still care about him.   She wants to come up with an idea that would be incredibly meaningful to the guy.

So what does she come up with?  

Well remember that thing that always pissed Bruce off?  How Courtney would come in and always fuck with his rock garden?  You know, the #1 thing that he hated about living in Casaya?

Well this is the tribute that she picks.

To show her deepest level of love and empathy and respect and tribute to Bruce...

She fucks with his rock garden

P.S.  Special thanks to KittyPryde1 at Survivor Sucks for giving me the idea for this entry.  I never would have even thought of this one if she hadn't pointed it out to me.  Thanks!

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