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#90.  Bitch, don't steal my line
Heroes vs. Villains - finale

Ha ha.  Okay now here is another quick little visual moment that absolutely had me on the floor the first time I saw it.  Then I completely forgot about it.  And then when I went back to re-watch Heroes vs Villains it had me on the floor again.  Because it just goes to show you how entertaining Coach and his ridiculous Coach shtick can be.  

As always, Coach has the ability to be unintentionally hilarious... even when he isn't actually doing anything.

The Heroes vs Villains final Tribal Council

It's the final Tribal Council in Heroes vs. Villains, and Parvati is giving her opening speech.   And about midway through her speech, she is going to say something that will get a very obvious reaction out of Coach in the jury.  Watch and see.  You will never watch the final Tribal Council in H vs V the same way again.

Here is Parvati's speech in its entirety:

"I came into this game knowing I was gonna play with twenty of the best Survivors ever."

"What I didn't realize was... the threat that I was.  To everyone in this game."

"So immediately I had to put a line of defense together and... that's where Russell came in."

And this is where the comedy ensues...

"He was... uh... The Dragon."

The minute Parvati jumps in and steals Coach's Dragon/Dragonslayer analogy, the camera immediately cuts to Coach's reaction in the jury.  And sure enough, it is exactly what we expect it is going to be.  He scowls and grinds his jaw, and then shakes his head angrily at her.  

Ha ha.  I love it.

I'm sure if we could read Coach's thoughts at this moment, they would probably be some variant of "That's my line bitch, don't you even steal it."

"Bitch, don't even..."

"You are NOT the Dragon Slayer..."

Even Probst looks up to see Coach's reaction to that comment

Undeterred, Parvati just smiles innocently up at Coach and then keeps going.

"And instead of slaying him, I kept him as my pet.   And he displayed his loyalty at the end to me.  And only to me."

Candice cracks up at the fact that Parvati is stealing Coach's storyline

Ha ha.  I love this little moment.  It's just so Coach.  Because here you have this guy with the most ridiculous "Dragon Slayer" storyline, here's this guy who has based his entire Survivor identity and Survivor character around being "The Dragon Slayer" for two seasons, and then when the game is on the line and it counts the most, Parvati steps in and she swipes his analogy.  

And sure enough, there's Coach reaction in the jury.  And he immediately gets all pissy about it.  

Ha ha, awesome.  I love the look on Coach's face.  I love the way that Parvati plays it.  I love the whole dynamic between the two of them.  You really won't see many final Tribal Council moments that are better than this.  Like I said, Coach has the unique ability to be the star of a scene, even when he isn't doing anything.  This moment is just perfect.

Parvati and Coach's reaction in all of its glory

P.S.  I hope you enjoyed this entry as much as I did.  A moment like this (Parvati and Coach fighting over who gets to be called the Dragon Slayer) is the pure essence of what I set out to do when I created the Funny 115.  I just love when I get to write about a little subtle character moment like this.

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