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#98.   Girl on Girl Jury Action
Fans vs. Favorites - finale

Okay now this has got to be one of the top ten most requested entries on the entire countdown.  I swear, when I asked people to start sending me ideas for the Funny 115, I couldn't go more than five emails without somebody nominating Natalie Bolton's jury question from Fans vs. Favorites.  It was right up there with "Denise screams at the balut" and "Shane medivacs Bruce without pants" and "Stephen Fishbach waxes nostalgic about auto-erotic asphyxiation" as the top four nominees for the new countdown.

And, well, since everyone already seems to know this moment and is expecting it to get an entry, I guess I don't have to do much of a writeup for it.

So here it is.  Natalie Bolton's WTF completely out of the blue jury question in Fans vs. Favorites.  In all of its glory.  Complete with facial reactions.

It is easily one of the most random and bizarre moments in ten plus years of Survivor.

Natalie Bolton - cat person

It's the final episode of Fans vs. Favorites, and Parvati and Amanda (the final two) are battling it out in front of a jury.   The two original members of the "Favorites plus Amanda" tribe, both charter members of the infamous Black Widow Brigade, are sitting there getting grilled by the jury.  

And the mood on the set is tense, as tonight's vote promises to be very close.

The first three jurors (Eliza, Jason, and Alexis) all come up and ask their question.  Without incident.  So far nothing unusual.

And then we come to the fourth juror.


Natalie steps up to face the final two and... well... I guess we'll just let her take it from here.   Because I'm not sure I could do this moment justice in a writeup.  After all, I am a guy.  I also went to a Jesuit school.

Miss Natalie?

Natalie addresses Parvati and Amanda

"First of all, you have my respect tonight.  Woman to women."

"We'll start with you Parv."

"You have labeled yourself as "a flirt."  You're probably the most masterful person in the history of Survivor to play the flirt card, which is great."

"My question to you is... how does that resonate with you in the bedroom?"

"How do you take that to the next level, as far as strategy in the game?  How does that translate your layers of being..."

At this point we are treated to a montage of some of the greatest WTF jury facial reactions in Survivor history.  Nobody can believe where Natalie is about to go with this question.

James even says "I'm confused."

Although out of all the reaction shots, here is my favorite:

Probst eventually has to cut Natalie off, because he has no idea what the hell she is asking.  He also has no idea if he is supposed to be getting a boner over this.  He then asks Parvati if she has any idea what the hell Natalie is talking about.

"Hold on guys, let's.......... Parvati, do you know what she's asking?"

"You're a flirt.  You flirted with me on several occasions.  I'm not complaining."

*flirting*  "You're sexy."

*flirting*  "Thanks."

"So, how does being the flirt parallel to your intimate life?"


Parvati kind of side-steps the question (at least according to what we were allowed to see on TV) and finally brings an end to the shenanigans by answering that yes, she will flirt with anyone in Survivor, male or female.  As long as it gets her what she wants, yes she will flirt with anybody.

And until we see the NC-17 director's cut of Fans vs Favorites when it comes out on DVD in six years, that's as far as this jury question ever went.  As far as you know.

So why did Natalie Bolton's jury question make the #98 spot on the Funny 115?  Easy.  It's because it's the closest we have ever come to hot girl on girl action in the middle of Tribal Council.

And for that, we salute the single best juror in Survivor history.

"Excuse me?  Best juror ever?  Really?"


Yes, Heidi?

"You know, it's not like Natalie is the only hot juror in Survivor history.  I can happen to think of a few others that Parvati might have wanted to sleep with too.  Like, if maybe they only would have asked her."

Well yes Heidi, but this isn't your entry.  This is about Natalie.  You were on the last Funny 115, I'm not talking about you anymore.

"But I'm just saying, maybe there is some other juror out there with a hot luscious body that is even better than Natalie's.  Wouldn't that be possible?"

Yes well maybe there is.  I don't know.  But I don't see how that is relevant to this entry.

"Well I think maybe we should ask her?  Don't you think so?"

Ask who what?

"We should ask Parvati if Natalie is the hottest juror in Survivor history."

No, I'm not going to ask her that.  What do you care?  The entry is over.  I already finished the writeup.

"Yeah but it's kind of an important question.  I mean, what if there's another juror out there who is even hotter.  And what if she can run as fast as a whippet.  Wouldn't that be important to know?"

No.  Not really.

"Yeah but don't you want to..."

No.  Good night, Heidi.

"Are you sure?"

Yes.  Good night.

"Go Phillies!"

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