The Funny 115 - The Third One

#73. The Nale Family
San Juan Del Sur - all season long

In the twenty-ninth season of Survivor, Survivor: San Juan Del Sur, we were treated to the latest in the producers' never-ending orgy of ridiculous twists.  In this one, first time players would be competing against someone they had an existing relationship with.  Basically, we would be doing "Survivor: The Amazing Race."


So in the opening, we were treated to an endless parade of beautiful TV people who will be playing against their loved ones

Like these two

Or these two

This twist was so much like the Amazing Race, in fact, that naturally the producers had to cast a team we already seen before on the Amazing Race.  Twice.  Just because... well... because TV.

Our Amazing Race crossover

So in the opening, we continued our parade of beautiful TV people who were going to do beautiful things for us on TV.

Or these two

And then, finally, we got to the stars of today's Funny 115 entry.  Who can only be described by a comment I got from a reader of mine named Kyle Mineault.

Kyle, why don't you provide the caption for the next picture for us?

"I just remember the opening sequence of Keith and Wes, and thinking to myself, what swamp did they find these two in?"

Yes, we have finally come to that point in the countdown.  It's time for my tribute to two of my favorite characters of the modern Survivor era.

This is my tribute to Keith, the constantly spitting firefighter from Keithville, Louisiana

And his McNugget-eating champion son, Wes

Who were always good for a fun confessional

And who never failed to make the other players (or Probst himself) laugh

Before I go into my favorite Keith and Wes moments, I have to point out that this was, without question, one of the entries that people requested the most when it came to the Funny 115.  When I first started asking around for ideas for my new Version 3 countdown, I swear like 40% of the suggestions I got were some variant of "WRITE ABOUT KEITH!  WE NEED TO SEE LOTS OF KEITH!"  So right off the bat I already know this is going to be a popular entry.  Even if I screw it up and somehow don't do justice to the legendary Nale duo, the fact that it is about Keith and Keith alone has already made it one of the version 3 favorites.  Which is good for me, because (I hate to say this so I will use my really small voice) Keith doesn't actually have that many huge moments in SJDS.  Most of his funny stuff is just a quick little line here or a funny little quip there.  That's why (like Tony) this character entry will be one of his only F115 appearances.  Please don't hurt me.

Sorry I accidentally hit ya with mah spit

Okay, with that out of the way, let's dig into Wes and Keith and their top twenty-five moments in Survivor: San Juan Del Sur.  

This is the entry you know you were waiting for.

And away we go


#1. When Keith comments on his son's mental fortitude

This is one of the most perfect character introductions Survivor has ever had.  This is where Wes is explaining how it's his time to finally move out of his father's shadow, and become the dominant one.

I believe this is the first time we actually hear the two of them speak.

"This is my time.  This is showtime for me, I think."

"Social aspect.  Physical aspect.  Mental aspect."

"I feel like I got it all."

Comments, dad?

"You're about as mentally strong as that rock."


#2. That time when they couldn't make fire

This is one of the funniest storylines in San Juan Del Sur.  It's day zero (not even day one), and Keith and Wes are already having problems.  They were given flint and a striker to start a fire, and guess what the only outdoorsmen pair in the game has managed to do with them?

That's right, one of them lost the striker.

Well hell, where is it?

A stronger pair of hunters/outdoorsmen there has never been.

"We lost our striker for our flint rod."

"And, uh, I'm pretty sure it was him."


"You have to quit layin' stuff in the sand!"

So that's all well and good.  Keith and Wes were given tools to make a fire, and they couldn't make fire.  Which is just wonderful when you realize that fucking Alec and Drew were able to make fire and they weren't.

But it's not like this is going to come up again later.  The other players aren't going to know about it, and nobody will be able to mock them for losing their striker.  Right?

"Let's talk about last night.  You were each given flint."

Oh boy.

"Who here had luck making fire?"

Guess who doesn't raise their hands

The two token gay guys on the end.  You were able to make fire?

"Jeff, if you're gonna be on Survivor, you need to know how to make fire."

And what about our two firefighters?  Any luck?

"No.  We had a problem.  The problem is, we lost our striker."

Wes chimes in helpfully with, "We dropped it."

Welcome to Wes and Keith World.  Get ready to see a lot of reactions like this.

"So it started out bad."

"But we used a rock!"

"And we got our little bowl goin' with a rock."

"... until our flint broke in half."

Jeff just loses it at that part

"And then... it was downhill after that."

Wes provides a dramatic reenactment of the flint drama

Now comes the best part of the whole scene.

"I gotta say, I've used flint a couple of times."

"It's pretty hard to break one."

"Well, we did it."

#3. That moment when Flintgate comes up AGAIN

Jeremy just won the first duel of the season.  And with the win
that means his wife Val will be sent to Exile Island (please refer to your SJDS flowchart for an explanation of why and for a refresher on this season's rules.)

Jeremy gets to send one member of his tribe to go off to Exile with his wife, and which member of his new tribe do you think he picks to go with her?

Poor Val.  She has to go off to Exile now.

So who are you going to send to camp out on Exile with her?

Jeremy picks the older guy in the camo with the walrus mustache


That's an interesting choice.  So why did you choose Keith?

"Because I know he knows how to start fire."

"I know he's an outdoors guy."

"And he could take care of her."

Ah okay, that makes sense.  

Although Probst can't help but point out a wee little flaw in Jeremy's logic.

"This is the guy who lost the striker and broke the flint."

Oh yes.  The flint.  Jeremy?

"It wasn't his fault, it was his son's fault."

To which Nale the younger responds, quite elegantly...


#4. Get out!/Get in!

I always loved this little exchange.  This is such a quirky little Keith Nale moment.

Keith and Val are talking on Exile Island

And Val drops the news that her husband Jeremy is a firefighter.

Val is surprised that Keith is actually a firefighter too

And here's where we get her little Elaine Benes reaction.

The reason this scene is so funny is, because in all my years of hearing people saying "Get out!" after Seinfeld popularized it, I have never heard a person respond with what should be the logical response.   

That is, I never heard it until I met Keith.

The logical rebuttal to "Get out!", of course, is...

#5. The spitting thing

Yes, Keith spit a lot.  In fact, he probably spit more than any other contestant in the history of the show, with the exception of maybe Jenna Lewis.  

Why did Keith spit so much?

Well, some of the times it was because he was talking about something he didn't like, and he wanted to show his distaste for it.  Which is actually a very Southern thing to do.  If you are talking about a person or thing and you want to show how little respect you have for it afterwards, when you finish your sentence, you spit.

Like this

Then there were the times when he just appeared to have something caught in his mouth.  

Like this

Then sometimes he would spit because he was eating a taco and he got a bite that was spicy.

Like this

Then other times, I don't know.  He would spit because it was Wednesday?

Or to celebrate Simchat Torah?

In the end, we don't really know why Keith spit so much.  All we know is that he DID spit a lot.  And that I was able to catch nearly every one of his glorious spitting screen shots for purposes of this entry.  You can thank me later.  

By the way, my mom would be thrilled to know I am doing this with my life.

Keith spit so many times during San Juan Del Sur that it actually came up as an audience question during the SJDS reunion show.  Probst actually asked Keith's wife (Big D) why her husband spits so often.  And you thought that Survivor wasn't a classy show.

As if this weren't enough spitting for you, here, go to this page if you want to see the ultimate Keith Nale spitting collection.  These are my favorite six animated gifs of him spitting, all collected together on one page.  I like the first one because he appears to be showing his displeasure for the CBS show Criminal Minds.

Keith hates you

Oh, and speaking of CBS things that Keith doesn't like...

#6.  The John Rocker quote

I already wrote an entry about the time that Wes met former Atlanta Braves relief pitcher John Rocker, and how he used his Harvard law degree to Torquemada the shit out of him.

Don't mess with the bull, Rocker Roker, or you get the horns

But let's not forget that Keith had a great quote about John Rocker as well.   Remember this one?


It's the first episode of SJDS.  And Keith sure as hell knows who that tall crazy guy is standing over there.

I can has racism?

So Keith sits down to give a very Keith confessional.

"I watch all types of sports, and I'm pretty damn sure this is John Rocker, the relief pitcher for the Braves."

"He was an ass when he played then."

"He might be still an ass now."

#7.  That time that Drew needed a whoopin'

It's the third episode of San Juan Del Sur, and Drew Christy spends a lot of time laying around camp, just doing nothing

Keith sees this, and the old man's not thrilled about it

So of course, Keith sits down to give us some of his thoughts on the matter.

"Drew's a big sleeper."

"If my son was acting like Drew, you probably don't wanna know."

"I probably can't say it on camera."

"We still spank, we still whoop."

"Whatever you wanna call it in the south."

P.S.  Yes, of course, Drew is going to get his Funny 115 whoopin' much later.  Keith is going to be proud of that entry.

#8.  That time that Keith was scared by the idol

Now this is a fun one.  A lot of people wrote in to request this as an entry.

One such email:  "Please include the scene where Keith is digging for the idol, and he accidentally kicks some dirt and there it is.  And then he jumps back like he just uncovered a snake.  It makes me laugh every time."

Well here you go

From Reddit user Freakshowboater:  "The part where Keith jumps away from the idol reminds me of those videos where cats freak out about cucumbers."

"It just jumped out at me, kinda scared me."

#9.  The fact that Keith lives in a town called Keithville

A reader named Josephine Lilith wrote in about this one:

"Don't forget to mention that Keith is from a town called Keithville."

As if that weren't awesome enough, then another reader named Cory Gage wrote in with something even funnier.

"He also lives on Keith Road. Not joking. It's like Keith-ception."

Do you think that warrants a picture?  Of course it does.  A big thanks to Cory Gage for creating this for me:

#10.  When Wes made one of the funnier meta jokes of the season

This is right before Wes is voted out of the game.  Earlier in the episode, he makes a comment that he doesn't want to get that little lame hashtag on the screen right after he is voted out.  That's his only fear.  When I go, just don't give me that dumb hashtag.

That one

This is when he is talking to Natalie.

"If me or him are goin' home tonight, just let us know."

"I just don't wanna get hashtag blindsided."

#11.  When Keith complimented his son

Speaking of Wes, how about when his dad paid him the ultimate dad compliment.

"Wes is a good kid."

"He aint been in jail yet."

#12.   Oh, and don't forget Wes's magical birthday scene!

It's episode seven, and it is Wes's birthday today.

And guess who forgot all about his son's birthday?

So Wes wakes up, and as he is doing his chores he gets birthday greetings from the rest of the tribe.

And Keith feels bad.

So he decides to do something special to make up for it.

"It's Wesley's birthday today."

"Matter of fact, I woke up this morning, forgot all about it."

"And then, uh, Josh wished him happy birthday 'fore I did."

So what does dad do as a present for his loving son?  What do you get the boy who already has everything?

"Here you go.  Roasted ya a crab."

"Enjoy your crab in Nicaragua."

Awwwwwww.   <3

"Happy birthday, right here on the beach."

The happy birthday boy

#13.   Damn, are people STILL talking about that lost flint??

It's the second episode, and the Hunahpu tribe is trying to start their fire.  But oh, whoopsie, it looks like somebody has managed to lose their flint just like Keith lost his earlier.  

Hey, you don't think Wes was hanging around here and playing with it, do you?


In any case, Hunahpu has no more flint.  So they are unable to start a fire.

So, of course, the one guy you go to is the guy who actually has some experience in this matter.

Jon turns and asks Keith...

And there's no way I can capture Keith's response in just a screencap.  Try to hear it the way that I spell it out under the picture instead.  That's more accurate.

"Ate hayyyyulps."

#14.   When Keith meets his first gay guy

This is one of my favorite scenes of the season.  It is just such a perfect little Keith scene.

It's episode three, and Wes has just won a challenge.  Which means that his dad will be sent off to Exile Island.

Which member of your tribe do you want to go with him?

Wes picks Josh, the Broadway song writer

So the unlikeliest of pairs is sent off to go live together

Now you'd think that a guy like Josh and a guy like Keith would have almost nothing in common.  You'd think that the two of them would be as different as night and day.

And, uh, you'd be pretty much right

Yet the two of them seem to get along great.  For whatever reason, the gay guy from New York and the old guy from rural Louisiana just sit around and eat snails and they have a great old time just hanging out and chatting with one another.

Good times.  Good company.

Keith even teaches Josh how to spit

Josh, of course, is pleasantly surprised by how open minded Keith seems to be.

"I think people would be shocked at how well Keith and I get along."

"You know, a Louisiana hick and a gay guy from New York."

"You know, it's not the two people you would ever think that would just be chillin' out and havin' a good time."

And Keith, of course, is just as delighted by this latest turn of events as Josh is.  

In his own Keith Nale way, of course.

"Me and Josh are probably as fars apart as, night and day, you know, black and white."

"He seems like a good ol' boy, he's just not MY good ol' boy."

Then, of course, Keith goes full Rudy Boesch when he goes into the sleeping arrangements.

"Josh is on one side of the fire, I'm on the other side of the fire."

"There won't be no spoonin' goin' on up here tonight."

Keith Nale, ladies and gentlemen.  You gotta love him.

"I just don't see many Joshes in Louisiana."

Oh, you

#15.   That time Wes ate too many tacos

Hey, here's a surprise.  Wes is a guy who likes his food.  I know, crazy, right?  You wouldn't think so just by looking at him.

McNugget Eating Champion, Keith Parish, 2009.

Wes has a great scene involving McNuggets that isn't going to be in this entry (don't worry, it will be its own entry later), but there is one Wes related food scene you might have forgotten about.  It is in episode eight when he and his dad with a trip to the All-You-Can-Eat Survivor Taco Bar.

Fuck yeah!  Tacos!

Wes immediately chows down on as much Mexican food as he can fit into his mouth.  

And... well...

Yo quiero Taco Wes

He eats too much.

Judging by the edit in the episode, it looks like he eats about twenty pounds of Mexican food in approximately five minutes.

And of course, as always, there's Super Dad Keith right next to him to check in on his bowel-inflamed son and provide some wisdom.

Well you aint exploded yet, so that's good

Just kidding.  Here is Keith's actual quote.

"As long as you keep burpin' I guess you're okay."

Thanks dad, you always know what to say

Wes goes out for a stroll to walk it off.  And to possibly get rid of some anal leakage.

Here he is with his ass literally on fire

And Keith is a paragon of empathy and sage narration, as always.

"That's mah boy, overloadin' over there."

#16.   That time Keith did the Lambada, the forbidden dance of love

No one has ever warranted an upskirt more than fireman Keith

#17.  The Baylor vote

This is a fun little Keith moment.  This is in episode eight where he discusses the plan to vote out Baylor...

... with Baylor's overprotective mom.

It's episode eight and Keith is pushing hard that everyone votes out Baylor tonight.  Which is strange because Baylor aint even been in jail yet and she aint never stole a pig yet or nothin'.

"Right now the plan is to vote for Baylor tonight."

The tribe is standing around camp before the vote, and talking about life, and tacos, or whatever.  And that's when Keith drops the bombshell that Missy needs to vote out her kid tonight.

Way to be super political, Keith

And away we go.

"I hate to be blunt."

Uh, Yikes.  Um, Keith?

"Baylor sleeps.  And she goes over there and eats."

"I been here six days and I seen her with one stick of wood in her hand."

And here it is!

I love Missy's face right after Keith talks shit about her kid

Surprisingly, Missy doesn't respond well to Keith telling her her daughter is a worthless piece of crap.  So she sits down for a confessional to tell us.

"You're really gonna talk to me about voting out my kid?"

Now she launches into a surprisingly accurate Keith impression.

"Baylor needs to go!"

"Baylor don't do anything!"


And then... the aftermath.

"Keith told me we should vote you out tonight."

Baylor:  "He told YOU that??"

"To my face."

"Yeah, he's not very smart."

Care to comment, Baylor?

"You don't tell the mom that you're voting for the daughter."


#18.  Fartgate

Okay, since we're on Keith vs. Missy, let's talk about their most hilarious showdown of them all.  

This happens in episode eight at Tribal Council when they get into a minor disagreement.

Over farts.

Missy is speaking at Tribal Council, and she makes a very valid point about how some of the guys around camp can be jackasses

"The younger guys pretend like they're in a frat house."

"Well you gotta be talkin' about Wes and Alec."



"You got it.  They literally belch, fart, spit."

"They don't care if there's females there or not."

And, well, if there's one thing Keith Nale isn't going to stand for, it's for a stranger to besmirch his son's name over spits and farts.

Keith's rebuttal?

"But we're not at the Hilton."

"We're not at the Hilton, Missy."

This should be part of their new advertising campaign

But that's not the end of Keith's argument.  See, it's not enough that they aren't at a hotel chain that specifically frowns upon farts.

Keith now launches into the second part of what is now the San Juan Del Sur version of the Lincoln-Douglas debate.

"And I haven't heard Wesley fart lately."

"Or spit.  You know."

And of course what parent wouldn't throw themself under the bus just to protect their kid?

"But I've had a little bit of gas."

"I'm sure everybody on this panel's had gas."


No comment

You monster

"It's just a normal body function."

Probst managed to make it this far during the Fartgate argument without laughing.  But now he finally loses it.

Any final comments, Doctor Fartenstein?

"This is Survivor.  And stuff like that's gonna happen."

"You're gonna get dirty, you're gonna get nasty."

"You're gonna have gas."

Oh my god I can't even

#19.  Wes and his tongue

I bet you're wondering how I went this far without mentioning it.  Well here it is.  



It actually only happens a few times, and only during Tribal Council.  But it is one of those things when you see it you will never forget it.  It is the number one thing most people think about when they think about Wes.

Is it a nervous tic?  

Is it just something he does when he is thinking?  

Does he have a particularly delicious spot on the right side of his mouth?  

Does he have a hidden McNugget over there?


In any case, here's an especially creepy gif of his tongue pulsating and moving like it's a mealworm.  Have fun sleeping tonight.

The creature

#20.  Keith idols out his own son

Well we can't talk about Wes and Keith without mentioning this moment.  Nearly everyone who wrote in about San Juan Del Sur requested I write about it.

It's episode ten, and at Tribal Council Keith is worried he'll get votes so he decides to play his idol

Although first he offers it to Wes.  You want it?  No dad, you play it.

This IS a hidden immunity idol

Although for some reason it's all covered with spit.  Gross.

So the Keith votes come up.

And he is able to cancel them out

But then comes the person who the cancelled Keith votes all wind up targeting instead.

Aw, poop


And just like that, Keith has inadvertently managed to idol out his kid.

Well that shore wasn't stickin' to the plan

Alec reacts with horror

So does Probst

It's a hashtag blindside!

And with that, the legend of Wes Nale, McNugget eating fartsmith, has come to an end.

Damnit, I knew it

#21.  Wes's Final Words

This is one of those things that I don't think a lot of people catch, but Wes has some amazingly funny final words that I don't think he meant to be funny.

If you like subtle little unintentional humor, here you go.

In Wes's final episode, he steps down from his last immunity challenge for this.  A giant plate of chicken wings.

Chicken wings?  I'm there.

Mother of god this is the fruit of paradise

So Wes goes out because he is hungry, and because he wanted chicken wings.  And like I said earlier, don't worry, this entire challenge will be its own entry later down the road, so for now just ignore the rest of it.

Then Wes is voted out later that night

Then Wes sits down for his final words.  And I don't think he meant to use this exact word.  But he did.  So of course I am right here to point it out to you.

"You gotta wing it sometimes and take a risk."

Wes winging it and taking the risk

Thank you, Lord Wessex of Tonguesbury, for being a part of this entry.  It has been a joy and a pleasure.

"You gotta risk it to get the biscuit."

As far as I know there was no biscuit involved.

Note:  From Reddit user JPtoony:  "One detail about Wes you may like is that he gained eleven pounds his first night at Ponderosa."

#22.  Keith's finale intro

This is a personal little favorite Keith moment of mine.  Because it shows that the editors loved him as much as everyone else loved him.

You know how the editors do a little slo-motion action shot of each player as they are starting the finale?  You know how they try to highlight a players' athletic prowess (or just badass prowess in general) by showing them doing something physical in slow motion?

Well which clip do you think they chose for Keith?

Maybe the best finale intro shot for a contestant ever

#23.  Keith's final words

Keith may not have won San Juan Del Sur.  But of course his final words were nearly as good as his son's.

Goodbye stranger.  It's been nice.

Hope you find your paradise

Naturally, as he is walking out of the game after being voted out, he spits.


And then comes our final Keith-ism of the season.

"It's three women."

"I can barely handle one woman at the house, much less three of 'em here."

The Keith Slayer

#24.  Keith's first trip to a spa

I know that Keith has technically already been voted out of the game.  But I wanted to save this one for the end of my countdown, because it's my favorite.

It's episode thirteen, and Keith has just won a trip to a Nicaraguan day spa

Surprisingly, the guy who spits and farts and who is banned from the Hilton has never actually been to a high end spa before

And here comes one of my all time favorite Keith quotes

"What is this?  I don't know what it is."

"I see some goobers on the end."

Yes Keith.  Welcome to the highest of high end spas.  Only in the finest day spas in Beverly Hills will you find goobers.

Note:  For people who aren't familiar with the American south, goobers is a slang term that means "peanuts."  It is actually short for "goober peas."  The phrase took hold in the 1800's because of a song that was popular during the Civil War.  So there's your little history lesson for the day if you didn't already know that.  Also, I'm pretty sure this is only spa on earth that will serve you goobers with your massage services.

So Keith eats his goobers.  And he does the whole girl thing for a day.

"Wes is gonna die when he sees that you're at a spa!"

"It's a girl thing.  But long as there's food here..."

"It's a guy thing."

He even takes a rejuvenating buttermilk spa shower, so he can wash the stank out his ass.

Well this here is nice

And he turns into a guy who might actually enjoy a nice little spa day every once in a while.

"I've never had a spa day or spa food."

"Turned out not too bad."

Ah, but then we get the cherry on top of the sundae.  We end the scene with Keith receiving his first ever massage.

Which goes pretty much exactly like you expect it would go.

We are also introduced to the now-legendary "Keith Cam"

Which, if you think about it, looks like Keith dressed up to cosplay at a Ren Fest

"That's mah bony ribcage!"

Sire, we need to storm the castle!

"I don't get around to many of these in Louisiana!"

Masseuse:  "Do you feel the knots in your shoulder?"

"I think so.  Half of 'em might be my bones."

And, of course, we finish the scene with Keith giving one of his best confessionals of the season.

"I've never had a massage before."

"I mean, don't tell nobody about all that, you know."

"I don't want the guys at the fire station knowing I'm goin' to a masseuse."

"And gettin' all this other extracurricular stuff."

#25.  The Sia quote

And of course you knew I had to end my countdown with something special.   This one comes from a reader of mine named Russ Bartlett.  

Who immediately saw the comedy when Sia crashed showed up at the Kaoh Rong reunion.

And she did this.

"I'm giving $50,000 to Tai for being kind to animals."

Well that was nice.  Thanks Sia.

Oh, but then at the end, she added this.

"I wanted to do the same thing for Keith last season."

As Russ pointed out, when Sia said she wanted to give Keith 50k for being nice to animals, if you went over to Keith's Twitter page, this was the very first thing you saw.

I mean, come on.  That's comedy that writes itself.

Thanks Sia!

So that's it.  My tribute to Keith and Wes and all things Nale on Survivor.  And I actually could have stretched it to thirty if I had wanted to include things like:

Keith's godawful Hawaiian shirt

When Reed got all frustrated trying to strategize with him

"Sometimes I don't know if Keith quite understands exactly the intricacies of how this game is played."

When Keith became The Ball Master

The fact that Keith is basically the sloth from Zootopia

The fact that Keith is also basically Scruffy the Janitor from Futurama

The fact that Jeff Probst (11/4/61) and Keith Nale (8/16/60) are nearly the same age

The theory that Keith is actually pulling a "STEVE HOLT!" from Arrested Development

In the end, I think Keith's time on Survivor can best be summed up with the following quotes, all of which came from readers of mine who wanted to help with this entry.  

Keith Nale fans, take it away.

"The funniest thing is that Keith was closer to winning Survivor twice than master strategists Ciera, Zeke and Spencer were at any point even once."
-John Debono 

"The thing I love about Keith more than anything is just how earnest he is. He probably genuinely never expected to leave Louisiana or at least the U.S. in his lifetime, and yet he ends up on national television traveling halfway across the world, and he almost wins a million bucks! It's just so damn refreshing in this era of BIG MOVEZ and STRATEGERY ONLY to have a guy like Keith give such an honest perspective about Survivor."
-Ali Adamjee

"I love how Wes is this huge fan and he dragged his clueless hick dad on the show when he knew next to nothing about Survivor. And then when it's all said and done, Keith is a star character, a fallen angel who lost a million dollars by one challenge, a huge fan favorite to this day, and gets to play a second time while being lauded as one of the best characters in years among the fanbase.  And Wes is just some purpled kid who eats chicken nuggets, exposes baseball players, and got idoled out by his own dad before fading into "Who was that?" territory with the audience."
-Cory Gage

"All I want in life is a documentary series featuring Keith, Wes, Big Tom, and Bucky Bo traveling to exotic locales and experiencing world culture. Narrated/translated by Liam Neeson."
-Ali Adamjee

"You should see Keith's Twitter. His tweets are hilarious. It seems that Wes set him up with an account sometime during or after SJDS, and most of his early tweets had him ending each tweet with "roger" as if he were on a walkie talkie."
-Aaron Conn

And finally, what was the best thing about Keith Nale's contribution to Survivor?

"The funniest thing about Keith is when it looked like he could win and everyone on the internet got real mad."
-Joshua Muir


In any case, thank you for everything you have ever done for Survivor, Nale Family.  You made us laugh again.

Wes:  I farted.
Keith:  I know.

** Thank you to Katie Banks for the Mole/FUBC picture **

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