The Funny 115 - The Third One

Other Things Cochran's Dad is Good at

Feel free to create your own and email them to me.  I'll post my favorites here on this page and give you credit for them.

Fight Club

Impressing Courtney
(created by @akosipoklong)


Not giving you up or letting you down
(created by Joshua Fry)

(created by @survivorreacts)

Lumberjack contests


Deleting emails
(created by Joshua Fry)

Throwing balls underhand at tiles

Dwarf Tossing

Duke Nukem
(created by Kenyon Bollinger)

Being in another castle
(created by Matthew Divoll)

Destroying John Connor

Winning Survivor on his fourth try

Terrorizing New York

Being Batman
(created by Aaron Conn)

Borrowing Katie Collins' glasses


Getting loud too WTF
(created by @survivorreacts)


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