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#32. The Great Manono Chicken Trap
One World - Episode 5

It's the fifth episode of Survivor: One World.

And, up to this point in the game, the women haven't had all that much success when it comes to competing against the men.

The hapless Salani tribe

They lost the first two immunity challenges pretty handily to the men, which was bad.

But then they won the third immunity challenge, which was good.

This one is for estrogen!

In the fourth episode, they got dusted pretty badly in the immunity challenge by the men yet again.

To the point that Probst actually pointed out how embarrassing they were as a Survivor tribe.

Guys, we suck

Only that last loss didn't matter, because Colton (who hates handouts) basically just gave them a handout.

Oh bother, this game is far too easy for me

Let it be known, for today I shall grant the women my immunity!

Colton literally just gives the women the immunity idol. And the men go to Tribal Council instead.

And just like that, through no real success of their own, the women have somehow managed to even up the game at seven members apiece.

"The guys are much more of a mess than what we thought."

It's a new game going into the fifth episode, and everyone on the women's tribe knows it.

They're starting to feel some actual momentum now

For the first time all season, they feel like they're going to finally start showing some competence.

"We got this. We can do this."

So that's where we are going into the fifth episode.

The women's tribe hasn't actually done jack shit yet.  

But because Colton is a moron, they know they're right back in the game.

And that's when we get to the fifth episode, and everyone gets hit by a twist.

Somewhere, Cirie hears the word "twist" and she weeps

At the start of the fifth episode, the men and the women show up for their next challenge, and Probst tells everyone to drop their buffs.

You down with D.Y.B., yeah you know me

Quick, someone explain to Kat what a buff is

But they do.

And soon, everyone gets twisted.

Fuck that, Salani sucked. Let's get outta here.


And within two minutes, we now have two completely new tribes.

One of them has basically every player who might actually be good at Survivor (plus Kat)

And the other one has...


The other tribe basically has everyone else.

The offal

The new Manonos have no chance to compete against the new Salanis whatsoever.

And they are painfully aware of this.

This was OUR island  :(

So anyway, the New Manonos compete in their first immunity challenge against Salani.

And just like you would expect, it doesn't go well.

Salani wins the first big immunity challenge. 


They even taunt the poor Manonos with the dread cry of "peanut butter and jelly."

Which, as we all know, is what the Ancient Spartans used to scream in battle just to psyche out their enemies.

Seriously, fuck you Salani

And, well, this is just going to be the reality for everyone on New Manono for a while.

They got all the weakest members from the hapless women's tribe. They got all the weakest men from the men's tribe. They got Leif, who can barely even put on his hat.

I mean, there's no other way to say it.

They just kinda suck.

We're not good, Bob

And this is where we get the #32 entry on the Funny 115. Which is one of those moments that I just love with the bottom of my heart, because I knew it was a PERFECT candidate for this countdown the moment I saw it. Although what's strange to me is, I swear to God I'm the only person who ever talks about this scene. I'VE NEVER MET A SURVIVOR FAN WHO EVEN SEEMS TO REMEMBER IT.

And that's why, if this were version one of the Funny 115, I'd consider this one of those "hidden gems" that you have probably forgotten about.

Woo hoo! I'm a neat hidden gem!

Okay, so here we go.

In my opinion, this is the single funniest moment in One World.

The Manono Tribe arrives back at camp, and they try to immediately figure out how they're going to show competence

They're under no illusion at all that they are going to be good.

"Oh my god, we're going to be the laughing stock."

"We suuuuuuuuck."

Colton, of course, hates this tribe so much that he starts whining the MINUTE he sets foot on the beach.

At this point, he basically just wants to go home.

*whining* I've already had to live with Tarzan and Leif before.


And then, of course, we get to Day 14.

And here's the scene with their infamous chicken trap.

Day 14. El Dia Del Pollo.

Okay... so... apparently, at some point in the last day or so, the Manonos have constructed some sort of a chicken trap.

Which, in theory, should look something like this

We never actually saw them construct it. We have no idea who actually did construct it. We just know that it somehow got built. And that's actually too bad, because you know that building scene would have been a great comedy scene just on its own. I wonder how many times Leif got himself trapped in it.


All we know is that there is a chicken trap on Manono. And the three women that came over from Salani probably had something to do with constructing it.

The reason I am inferring that is because they are the ones who seem to be monitoring it.

Alicia, Christina, and Monica (right, with friend)

And so here we are.

Day 14.

The day their chicken trap was put to the test.

The scene opens with a pair of big black cocks chickens prancing around in front of the chicken trap

Holy shit, realize the women of Manono. If there's a wild chicken walking around your camp, that's EXACTLY where you want him to be. The ideal position is for him to be standing directly underneath the opening of your chicken trap.

Alicia and Christina see what is going on, and they immediately alert Monica.

"Pull the thing!  Pull the thing!  Chicken!  CHICKEN!"

The chicken stupidly walks right under the cage

"PULL IT!!!"

Monica hears this, and she immediately springs into action.

Eating chicken tonight would be best for Monica

Monica arrives at the cage before the chicken can escape.

And she pulls out the little stick that is holding it up.


And just like that, the three women of Manono have officially caught their first chicken.

For the first time since they arrived here at camp, someone has actually shown competence.

Monica immediately thrusts her arm in the air as a symbol of triumph

Here's the catching of the chicken, by the way, in all of its gifable glory.

Behold. The only actual action sequence in One World.

So they did it.

They actually captured a chicken.

The women all gather around the trap now to inspect what they caught.

"We got one!"

"We got a chicken!!"

"Oh my god, we are so fed."

Christina just looks on in amazement. They actually did it.

Leif is so excited he turns his head to the right, slightly, and he puts down his coconut

Tarzan is so excited, he looks up and... well, okay let's not talk about what Tarzan is doing

Becky sees the catch and she goes apeshit

Monica and Alicia gather around the cage now, and they start making plans what they're going to cook up for dinner tonight.

"Look at that," says Monica.

Alicia is so excited, she starts hopping up and down in ecstasy

"We are so fed! We are so fed!"

"We're so awesome, guys," says Monica.

Things are looking good now.

For about thirty seconds.

Because half a minute later, that's when Manono goes right back to being Manono again.

Oh dear

You see... the Manonos might have built themselves a chicken trap.

And it might have actually worked.

Woo hoo!

But they also forgot that your trap is supposed to have a back on it.

Oh shit

Yep, it's time for one of the greatest forgotten gifs in the history of Survivor.

Kids, we're going to Pamplona. We're seeing the running of the chicken.

Seriously, I can't tell you how hard I laughed the first time I saw this scene. Because it's just perfect. The music. The timing. The people involved. The excitement. The angle. Everything. It's almost the perfect comedy scene.

They trap the chicken in the cage.

Everyone's excited.

They all stand around and gloat.

And then the chicken just casually walks out the hole in the back.

Sup guys, don't mind me

And once he hits free dirt, he just bolts.

See ya


He makes it almost all the way to the trees before Monica gasps out loud in horror.


And then, before they even realize what happened.... like Andy Dufresne, he's gone.

Fuckin' eat me, Manono

Oh man. I could watch that scene over and over and over. I just love it so much.

Although I should point out that things that run without moving their arms are always hilarious.


So anyway, the chicken is gone. It is probably back in the jungle with its family already, playing Sega Genesis or whatever it is chickens like to do.

And the women immediately start trying to figure out what went wrong with their chicken trap

Monica starts to do a little CSI investigation

Huh, she thinks. This might be the problem, right here. It opens.

And then she gives her official diagnosis.

"I guess we should have checked the sides of it, too."

And just like that, none of them are going to eat chicken tonight.

"This is embarrassing."

Colton sees this and he immediately decides that his appendix is inflamed.

Oh god, please just kill me

And that's the story of how Monica and friends were outwitted by a chicken.

Like a boss

And, of course, we end with the inevitable...

P.S. Here's the great Manono chicken escape, only shot from a different angle

P.P.S. And here's what it would have looked like if the chicken had pants on

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