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#44. The Jump Scare
Worlds Apart - episode 13

There are some scenes in Survivor history that need a big, elaborate writeup behind them to get people to appreciate them.

Bruce's colon, 1947-2005 

Happily, this is not one of them.

The next time you watch Worlds Apart, watch for this cute little "blink and you'll miss it" moment from episode thirteen.  Where Mike pops up out of nowhere and nearly jump scares Sierra into a heart attack.  It comes completely out of nowhere and it's really funny.

It's episode thirteen and Mike has just won immunity

For the twenty-eighth time in a row

Which means that one of the other five poor shlubs on 'Merica is going home tonight

So the players go back to camp.  

And they all start breaking off into little pairs to strategize.

Dan pleads his case why he should stay to Mike

Rodney brags about the size of his dick to Will

Sierra helps Carolyn try to learn how to smile

And it's this last pairing of Carolyn and Sierra where the magic's going to happen.

So Carolyn and Sierra are standing there, talking

And strategizing

About why Dan needs to go home

Dan... is... GONE!

And this is where we get the greatest jump scare in thirty-plus seasons of Survivor.


The one time Survivor actually turned into a horror movie.

So Carolyn and Sierra are just standing there. talking

And as they chat

The camera sloooooowly pans over to the right

And why does it pan to the right?

Well because here comes Mike, quickly running over to say something to them


Since Sierra has her back to the woods, she doesn't see him coming

And voila.  The jump scare.

They are standing there, and Carolyn is in the middle of a sentence

And just like Jason Voorhees, Mike just suddenly APPEARS

Which, naturally, scares the everloving shit out of Sierra

"UHHHHHHHHHH!", she screams

It's too bad the camera wasn't focused on her face.  Because this is what it looks like from the side.


To Mike's credit, he doesn't even pause what he's saying.  

He just continues with why they need to vote out Dan tonight.

Meanwhile, unlike Bruce, Sierra has just dropped a full pantsload

The aftermath

And then, of course, we get Sierra's wonderfully understated reaction to just becoming the star of a Friday the 13th movie.

She looks to the right to see if anyone else is coming

Then she turns to look back to Mike

And then she informs him, matter-of-factly...

"Oh my gosh, you scared the living crap out of me."

It's a quick little moment in an otherwise unmemorable scene, but it's one of those things that will ALWAYS make you laugh when you watch for it.  Because it just comes completely out of nowhere.  And because Sierra's reaction is so loud.  


Although I'm not kidding about it being a jump scare.  It actually is kind of scary if you aren't ready for it.

Just ask Sierra.  She nearly had a heart attack.

P.S.  Here's the infamous jump scare in gif form.  Although you really need to hear the noise that Sierra makes to get the full effect.  Go watch for it in the episode.  Trust me, it's worth it.


"Guys, Rodney just referred to himself as a tripod.  I don't know if I want to live with that."

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