The Tale of Na Onka and Fabio


The La Flors arrive at their camp.  

And right from the start, Fabio starts plotting out his diabolical plans.

Like his idol, Kevin McAllister in Home Alone, he imagines booby traps he can set up that will come crashing down onto his helpless opponents

Here he refuses to even walk with the rest of the tribe.  Witness the arrogance.

Here he watches the death of a helpless puppy

Fabio is so obviously a bad seed that when Na Onka sees him plotting out his evil intentions, and she sees the darkness in his eyes, her instincts immediately kick in.  Like a paladin in the game Dungeons and Dragons (and also Coach in Tocantins), she knows she simply cannot exist around a person who is this horrible.  It just isn't possible.

Here Fabio does Blue Steel for the cameras.  Sick.

Here he brainstorms how he is going to get splooge into the fishing gear

Here he cries out savagely in an attempt to summon Cthulhu

When she sees Fabio giving the other members of La Flor the index finger (which is a far more inflammatory version of the middle finger, at least according to stoner mythology), she knows that something has to be done.

Fabio gives Benry and Sash the index finger

He laughs in triumph as he blatantly flips off everyone else on his tribe

He thinks he is getting away with murder.  He thinks he has fooled everyone. 

But he doesn't realize that one of his teammates has already figured him out.

Son, you're about to feel the foot of Na Angel

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