The Tale of Na Onka and Fabio

Chapter 9
Suffer the Bananas

After Shannon leaves, a predictable pattern starts up among the La Flors.  

Basically, Fabio tries to run the tribe, and he tries to do his evil as often as possible.  

And our hero is right there, blocking his shenanigans every step of the way.

No matter how many stunts he pulls

No matter how often he demonstrates how the tribe needs to bow down before him

There's Na Angel.  Casually putting herself in the line of danger just to protect everyone else.  

Like the mother figure the producers always knew she would be

Here she explains how Fabio and the leg cut off each other's oxygen supply just to produce a stronger orgasm.  And how it's disgusting.

Here she explains how he picks his nose around camp, and then he flicks it on Benry.  And how it's revolting.

Here she explains how he does unholy things to the tribe's bananas.  And how unsanitary it is.

Mister Banana Grabber

And this, of course, culminates in the incident with the bananas (and also Kelly's fake leg) in the middle of the third episode.

In the middle of episode three, La Flor wins an important reward challenge

With it, they win a big basket of fruit

And as the tribe is carrying the fruit back to camp...

Na Onka realizes that, no matter what happens, she CAN'T let Fabio get his hands on those bananas.

For the sake of everyone here who loves fruit, Fabio can NOT have those

So when they get back to camp, and they put down the basket, our little heroine strikes.

She heroically rescues the bananas from the clutches of Fabio

The leg (right, attached to Kelly) tries to horn in and snatch the bananas first

But, as always, the forces of goodness prevail

Just like that, Na Onka has protected the bananas.  And, as an added bonus, she happened to find a hidden immunity clue that happened to be buried underneath them too.  Neat.

Boy, that was lucky, she reflects.  How fortunate that I kept the clue away from Fabio and the leg.

After the incident, Na Onka feels awful.  She knows that what she did was technically the heroic thing to do.  But at the same time, she may have bruised some of the bananas just because of the way she grabbed them.  La Flor's number one source of dietary fiber might have gotten a little banged up.

So she apologizes.  Just like any hero would do.

"Sorry about smooshing the bananas."

Fabio, of course, is not having it.  He cannot BELIEVE that Nay would smush all the bananas like that.  Especially before he had a chance to get his hands on them and do Fabio things to them when they were still all nice and ripe and sexy and plump.

Saaad Fabio

Here he rails on her with a string of obscenities for at least four minutes

But Na Onka doesn't care.  After all, she protected the bananas.  She put herself out there for the good of the tribe.  And as an added bonus, she even found a clue that eventually helped her dig up an idol.  

Here she holds the idol clue up humbly for the cameras

All in all, it was a proud day for the only true hero left in this game.

Na Onka's Jesus shot

I did it, ma!  I hope you're proud of me!  I found the idol clue!

Meanwhile, back at camp, the bested Fabio bears a striking resemblance to the defeated Sensei John Kreese from the Karate Kid.

Because that's the face you make when you're the bad guy, and you realize you're facing a good guy who is simply that much stronger than you.

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