The Funny 115 - The Third One

#17. Kat and the B.L.T.
One World - Episode Ten

Here's a quick little moment from One World that pretty much sums up what the Funny 115 is all about.

These are the EXACT things I'm looking for when I am researching this countdown.

So it's the tenth episode of Survivor: One World

And today is very happy day indeed

For day twenty-six is the day of the infamous food auction

Food auction! Yay!

This is where the players will be given five hundred dollars in cash. And they can use it to bid on various items of food.

And for five hundred bucks, you can buy a shitload of stuff

So anyway, let's head to the One World food auction.

Which is literally the only exciting scene in One World

As expected, the usual rules today are going to be enforced.

"You each have five hundred U.S. Dollars."

"Bidding is in increments of twenty dollars."

"You cannot pool your money."

"You cannot share your items."

"Also, somebody please explain to Kat what an increment is."

And, of course, there's always the old David Letterman rule.

"This is only an exhibition, this is not a sport. As always, ladies and gentlemen, please, no wagering."

And with that, let the good times begin.

I hope I get an increment, those sound really good

Now, the One World food auction is an especially goofy one.

If you don't remember it, here are some of the highlights.

Chelsea wins donuts and an iced coffee for $160

Sabrina wins chips, guacamole, and a margarita for $400

Leif wins a protein shake

And then makes a yummy sound


Kim wins a shower

And then wins chocolate and peanut butter while bidding from the shower

At one point, Jeff offers twenty bucks for someone to pull his finger

Tarzan refuses to bid because he plans to fix the shocks on his jeep

Troyzan buys the entire damn island

And then. of course. there's this little highlight at the end.

Where Kat wins a giant cake for the tribe

And it also comes with a note

Side note: I love Kat's face in that last shot. That note is apparently the most exciting thing she has ever seen in her life.

She then reads the note out loud

"Dear Kat, Kim looks strong. Watch out for her. -xoxo, J.T."

"P.S. I'll meet you up at the merge. And if you make the merge, I'll even date you. BFFs!"

He's going to date me!

Anyway, so yeah, it's a goofy food auction.



There is ONE part of the food auction that will forever go down as the single funniest moment of One World.

Which, admittedly, isn't saying all that much.

And there was much rejoicing. Yay.

But still, it managed to reach the top 17. That's not bad.

That sounds like a great increment

So here we go. The infamous "Kat and the BLT scene."

At one point, I legitimately considered this for the #1 overall entry.

I just love it.

So we're at the food auction, and the bidding is ready to begin

First up, donuts and an iced coffee

Ohhhhhhh, Kat wants that

I'm getting that

However, she does NOT get that. Chelsea outmaneuvers her and winds up getting it instead.

The faces of envy

So Kat is 0 for 1.

But never fear. There's a second item coming up.

And this is one that Kat wants even MORE.

Chips, guacamole, and a margarita with ice

Kat sees the guacamole that she wants so much, and she gets into a bidding war

"Twoooooooooo forty?"

"Threeeee twenty?"

Another side note: I know I pick on Kat in these entries, but it's just adorable the way that she bids. She always says it as if she's asking a question. She makes me laugh because she's always so quirky.

In any case, Kat does NOT win the chips and guacamole. Sabrina does.

And Kat is physically pained by this

Damn you Sabrina, I wanted that increment

After two items, Kat is already visibly rattled that she can't seem to buy any food.


"I wanna buy something!"

And so next comes the third item.

The slightly less interesting "two bananas and a protein shake."

I don't know, if you guys want some energy or something

Sorry. Met-Rx is one of our sponsors this season, we kinda had to.

Kat isn't especially thrilled by a protein shake and some shitty bananas.

I would have preferred the margarita

But you know what? What the hell.

She just really wants to buy something.


However, for the third time in a row, she's about to get locked into a bidding war with someone.

This time, with an opponent who is far more cunning and calculated.

It's the Guillermo Vilas of auction strategy, Leif


Like the great chess matches of Fischer and Spassky, Kat and Leif engage in a tête-à-tête strategy war.

And as expected, at the end, only one titan remains.

That's both check and mate, Edorsson

So Leif wins the milkshake prize.

And like in any great sporting event, to the victor go the spoils.

Here's your shitty protein shake

And this, of course, is where Leif decides to pile on the humiliation for poor Kat.

By looking right at her, and making a yummy sound



"Yeah yeah yeah, get your butt back over here."

At this point, Kat is now 0 for 3.

And who's gonna date someone who can't even buy any food?

And it sucks, because not only is she 0 for 3...

... but Leif just sits there two people away from her, and continues to make yummy sounds.

For Kat, this has got to be like some kind of Chinese Water Torture.

Item number four is a shower.

Complete with shampoo and toothbrush.

And this is where we get into Kat having a problem with increments.

"Twenty bucks!"



At this point, Christina has to step in and offer a little bidding advice.

"You do forty."

Kat: "Can I do thirty?"

Christina: "No."

Alicia: "It goes in twenties."

What the fuck, this is hard

And, of course, I can't resist pointing out Leif's face of extreme bliss in that last pic.

So good

In any case, Kat doesn't win the shower either.

Surprisingly, she is outmaneuvered by Kim

So Kat is now 0 for 4 in the bidding department.

 And at this point, now she is desperate.

At this point, she's just going to buy any fucking thing they throw up there

And here's where we get to the awesome part.

Finally, the prize

"A B.L.T., chips, and a cold iced tea."

Ohhhhhh, now this is something that everyone wants.

Hell yeah, I do

It is affirmative by the mention of Hades, I do

Mmmmmm, so good

Now here's the hilarious thing about this scene. I don't think Kat even knows what a B.L.T is.

I'm not even sure she knows what a sandwich is

All she knows is that she wants something. She just wants ANYTHING.

So here comes the bidding war.


"A hundred?"

Crestfallen, she has to sit there now.

And watch as her friend Christina then starts to escalate.

No no no no, whatever that is I think I want it

"One sixty!"

"One eighty?"

And... what's this? Success!

All of a sudden, it appears that Christina is going to back off.

Side note #3 in this entry: Christina makes the greatest faces. If you ever want a good One World screencap, just look for one where Christina is in the background reacting to something. She always makes the best faces.

In any case, Christina backs off and stops bidding.

And just like that, it looks like Kat is finally going to win something.

In honor of Leif, she inadvertently makes a yummy face

Soooooo good

"Sold to Kat."

So Kat walks up to Jeff with her "hundred and eighty?" dollars.

And I still don't think she has any idea what she just bought

And this is where she sees what "a B.L.T." really is.

Her face is immediately overcome with pure joy.

Like the Nazis opening the Arc of the Covenant

"Yo!", she excitedly announces to everyone

Looks like the producers gave her a little something extra that she wasn't expecting

"Yo, there's BACON on there!"

Yes, that's right.

Kat is excited that they put bacon on her bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich.

And just wait until she finds out about the tomato

So Kat excitedly announces to everyone that she had no idea what she just bought.

She was simply bidding on whatever bright, shiny object they threw up there.

Alicia laughs out loud.

Kim laughs out loud from the shower. Oh, Kat.

"Did you just say there's bacon, and he clearly said that was a B.L.T.?"

This is my alliance, Jeff


And how does Kat respond to all this?

Well by doing a little bacon dance, of course.

She's so happy

And that's what happens when you buy a B.L.T. sandwich.

And they unexpectedly put bacon on it.

This is so rad

And I'm like hell, the first time she orders a cheeseburger it's going to blow her fucking mind.


And so that's the top rated One World entry on the countdown.

Thank you for saving this season, Kat.

P.S. I can't resist pointing out there's yet ANOTHER great Kat moment of confusion during this auction scene. You might have forgotten about this other one.

It's when Jeff announces they can all bid on letters from home

Kat sees that they all have letters, and she loudly announces...

"What, someone even WROTE me?"

Not only does Kat not know what a B.L.T. is...

She also apparently didn't know that she had a loved one.

Hey guys, there's words in this letter!

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