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The final page of All O.J. Jokes.

Our top story tonight, according to a report out this week, O.J. Simpson is still extremely angry that Robert Shapiro began writing a book while he was defending the football legend. However, Simpson IS extremely pleased that he got away with killing his wife and that waiter.
11/18/95 - S21E6

Oh no! O.J. has struck again! How about that? Not a good thing.
3/18/95 - S20E15

When O.J. Simpson trial juror Gina Rodboro returned home this week, her little girls were delighted to have her back. And no wonder, she lets them get away with murder.
10/7/95 - S21E2

O.J.'s pal Al Cowlings now has a 1-900 number. For $2.99 a minute, Cowlings will tell callers that O.J. is innocent. And for $3.99 a minute, he'll try to do it without laughing.
2/18/95 - S20E13

According to researchers in Australia, koala bears have fingerprints so close to those of human beings, that they can easily be mistaken by police at the scene of a crime. It should be noted, however, that the research was funded by O.J. Simpson. So...
12/7/96 - S22E8

In court this week, Kato Kaelin testified that O.J. Simpson did not appear angry before or after the period of his wife's murder. But Kaelin admitted he could have been a touch edgy while he was actually murdering her.
3/25/95 - S20E16

Was O.J. Simpson high on speed the night of the murders? Absolutely not, said defense attorney Johnnie Cochran today. And a simple test of any of O.J.'s blood found at the crime scene will prove it.
2/25/95 - S20E14

Remember "Twelve Angry Men", the classic courtroom drama? Well, the first film about the O.J. Simpson case is in the works. It’s entitled, "Nine Angry Black People, Two Scared Asians, and a White Guy Who Hasn’t Spoken Since Rosa Lopez."
9/30/95 - S21E1

This week in the O.J. Simpson trial, the infamous bloody glove was finally introduced into evidence. And O.J. didn’t help his case any by blurting out, “There it is! I’ve been looking all over for that thing!”
4/8/95 - S20E17

And a new shocker in the O.J. Simpson trial. This afternoon, Judge Lance Ito dismissed yet another juror, a forty-five year old African-American male, for failing to tell the court that he had once worked for Hertz Rent-A-Car. And, that he had once held Nicole Brown Simpson's glasses while O.J. killed her.
4/8/95 - S20E17

It was revealed this week that defense lawyer Johnnie Cochran once abused his first wife. In his defense, Cochran said, "Hey, at least I didn't kill her, like some people I know."
2/11/95 - S20E12


In Los Angeles this week, the defense suffered a setback in the second O.J. trial, when Simpson was ordered to turn over a secret videotape which lawyers say contains proof of his guilt. What's on the tape? The first O.J. trial.
9/28/96 - S22E1

Note: This is an especially great joke. I almost included it on my list of favorites.

Well, the trial of the century is over. Late yesterday, the fate of O.J. Simpson, the most famous murder suspect in United States history, was placed in the hands of the jurors. They must now decide whether to free him, or get all their heads cut off.
9/30/95 - S21E1

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