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#10.  Lisi's faceplant (aka The Triple Fail)
Fiji -  episode 5

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."
-Winston Churchill

Gravity win

Has there ever been a scene in Survivor that involved two of your all-time favorite characters?  

Has there ever been a scene in Survivor that involved two of your all-time favorite characters meeting up with one another in some sort of a wacky unexpected collision?

Well that's exactly what happened to me in episode five of Survivor: Fiji.  

And I liked it so much, I decided to put it in the Top 10 of the Funny 115.


Ladies and gentlemen, episode five is where two of my all time favorite characters met up on an expected collision course.

Because this is the scene where Lisi Linares had a very unexpected run-in... with the ground.

Lisi Linares, the sweetheart of Fiji

The ground, the thing that Andy Samberg throws things down upon

Yes, Lisi and the ground.  Two of the all time most unexpectedly funny Survivor characters.  Together at last.

Want to see one of the greatest slapstick moments in the history of Survivor?

There is actually even more comedy here than you probably remember.

Let's watch it together.

It is episode five of Survivor: Fiji, and the two tribes are competing in an immunity challenge today

Jeff explains the rules

"This is a memory test."

"There are thirty boards out there, and it is your job to find two that match."

"Like this."

"One by one you will go out there and turn two of them over.  It is your job to remember which ones have been turned over before."

Yes, I know what you are thinking.  That means we are playing "Memory."

Lisi and Alex listen intently

"First tribe to seven wins immunity."

And so that's that.  Jeff explains the rules, and tells them it is a mental challenge.  

And no, unfortunately it isn't going to be the Dora the Explorer version.

"Moto, you're up first."

El Doucho goes out to turn over a pair of boards

Then Rocky follows for Ravu

Pretty soon Cassandra finds the first pair of matches for Moto


Following Cassandra, we get the scene that will forever live on in Survivor slapstick infamy.

Yau Man surveys the course, as he prepares to go out for Ravu

Hey guys, I found a lemon tree

Yau Man goes out and he turns over a board that says "Priest."

Now he just has to find the other board that says "Priest."

Yau Man searches for that second board

He tries his best to remember where it was

His Ravu teammates watch him, nervously

He walks over and finally makes his decision....

Um... science?


The Ravus are devastated

I suck!

No snuggly-snuggly tonight, little man.

With Yau-Man's impotence on display for all the world to see, the Motos excitedly jump up and down a few feet away on the other platform.  

They are excited because they know where the other "Priest" board is.  

They have known it for quite a while.  Everyone knows it.

The Motos quickly confer with Lisi, and tell her which board she needs to turn over

Dreamz points it out to her

By the way, FYI, if at any point you are taking advice from Dreamz?  You might want to reconsider your life choices.

With the plan in mind, Lisi turns around and she races out onto the obstacle course

Only.... oops.  She forgets she is standing on a raised platform.

And just like that...



There are so many great things to love about the Lisi faceplant.

For starters, I love the little puff of dirt that comes up around her.  It's like a little cartoon puff.  After she hits the ground, I half expect the Road Runner to come racing by her.  Meep meep.

The next thing I love about the Lisi faceplant is how complete it is.  Because, you know, this isn't just your typical TV faceplant.  This isn't somebody who stumbles slightly, and then kind of goes down at half speed towards the ground.   No way.  This is a woman who completely loses her forward momentum and kamikazes.  One second she is running full speed to uncover that other Priest billboard.  The next second she is laying ass-up in a cartoon puff of dust.  It is pretty much the ultimate faceplant.

Yet what is the best thing to love about the Lisi faceplant?

Well I will just use the words of a user named Lexxan over at Survivor Sucks.  He worded the best part about the Lisi faceplant better than I could ever word it:

"The funniest part of Lisi's Faceplant is the fact she REMAINS lying on the ground, spread-eagled and facedown for an unnaturally large amount of time.  She just lays there while the others exchange awkward looks.  It's so hilarious."

Ground 1, Lisi 0


A fallen soldier


Still down

The Motos laugh

Still down

Still laughing

Still down

Jeff finally pipes in.  "Lisi so excited, she takes a faceplant."

And then suddenly... without warning or fanfare...

She's up!


Now, most people remember Lisi's faceplant.  Most people remember how awkward and how funny it was.   Most people even remember that the editors enhanced the comedy by abruptly stopping and then restarting the background music.

But what most people don't remember is that the faceplant wasn't the end of the comedy of this moment.

You see, Lisi Linares wasn't just going to fail hard in this scene.  She was actually going to fail hard twice.  It was a rare double-double of Survivor incompetence.

Lisi races out and she uncovers the first "Priest" board.

Then she races over and she accidentally runs to the wrong one

This isn't the one that the Motos just told her to go to

I love this shot.   Nooooooo!

"Nope!  Wrong!"

Lisi just fucked up the freebie point

And just like that?  Totally redeemed!

And so there you have it.  Lisi Linares, with the Faceplant of the Gods.  Followed quickly by Lisi Linares, with the Decision Making Skills of Lex's Gut.   One of the greatest examples of a back to back fail in the history of Survivor.

Well at least until me

"My reputation grows with every failure."
-George Bernard Shaw

By the way, even though that was only a double fail, you may have noticed that I actually titled this entry "The Triple Fail."  Why?  Well because this scene was technically actually a triple fail if you sit down and you do the math.  

Want to know why?  Well how about this?  You will never think of Lisi the same way again after you read this next picture caption.

Ready for it?  

Let's end the writeup on a high note.

Lisi Linares.  The first player in Survivor history to injure herself during a mental challenge

P.S.  I meant to end the entry with that sentence.  But here's a great quote from a guy named Gcohen in the Funny 115 guestbook:

"Lisi's faceplant was fucking funny, and the fact that she failed 3 times in a row?  Priceless.   But I was thinking... that moment when they dug in the ground for the idol and she was sleeping?  The ground fucked with her again!"

P.P.S.  And again, here's more.  Here's a great quote from a guy named EggFart over at Survivor Sucks.

I've never been able to watch the Lisi face plant...

Without thinking Vandelay Industries.

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