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#102. Rocky's Space Cushion
Fiji - episode 7

My friend Justin just recently started introducing a friend of his to Survivor.  And when I asked him what scenes and seasons she was enjoying so far, he said "Oh my God, have you watched Fiji recently?  It's hilarious!  I couldn't believe how funny Rocky is.  We crack up every single time he shows up on screen."

"Rocky?" I asked.  "You mean that psychopath who just yells at everyone all the time?"

"Yeah!" he exclaimed.  "It's awesome.  All someone has to do is just look at him and he flips out.  He's pissed off every single minute of the entire season.  It's unbelievable."

Pissy McPisserson

Well what Justin didn't know is that I already planned to do a Rocky entry on the Funny 115.  I planned to slip in an entry about a character that nobody expected.  Because lo and behold, he is one of my favorite characters as well.  

I can't tell you how many times I laughed while watching Fiji when Rocky would just come up with a random outburst out of the blue at somebody for no particular reason.  He'd just be sitting there, doing nothing, and then -bam- now he was mad at someone.  It happens pretty much every single episode.

Yeah I know, most Survivor fans don't like Rocky because he was kind of a dick.  I get that.  I know this won't be one of the most popular entries on the Funny 115.  But if you sit there and just watch Fiji from a comedic point of view.... wow.  I mean, wow.  Watch Fiji again and you will realize this guy was a gift from the heavens.

Check out Rocky's angry greatest hits below.

Rocky angry at something

Rocky not pleased with something

Rocky disgusted by something

Rocky angry during an immunity challenge

Rocky happy about something

Rocky takes out his anger on a boom mike

Rocky injures Yau Man in a reward challenge

Rocky angrily taking a dump to show his displeasure with Earl

There are so many great Rocky moments I could have picked for the Funny 115, but the one I chose for #102 isn't so much my favorite as it is my wife's favorite.  Every time I mention Rocky to my wife Diana, she says "You have to put in the scene where he gets mad at Edgardo for sitting too close to him.  It cracks me up every time.  Edgardo comes over to have a chat and Rocky just snaps at him."

So anyway, here you go.  A Diana request, and probably of my all time favorite "Rocky is randomly angry for no reason" moment.  It's very quick though, so you might have watched Fiji a bunch of times and not even noticed it.

It's episode seven, and the Ravu tribe has just lost the immunity challenge.

They go back to camp, and Edgardo innocently walks over to ask Rocky what he thinks they should do about the vote.

And from here on out, we just let greatness unfold...

Edgardo innocently sits down next to Rocky

"I hate Tribal Council," he says. "Whattya think?"

Rocky is suddenly furious that Edgardo has invaded his space cushion

"I think you should fucking push over a little bit, unless you wanna make out.  For fuck's sake."

Edgardo immediately flees the interview

End of scene.  Fight narrowly averted.

Ha ha.  Like I said, this moment is so quick and is so exactly like every single other random Rocky outburst that I bet most people don't even remember it at all.  But I will always remember it as the scene my wife thinks about every time she thinks about Rocky.   Edgardo comes over to have a perfectly innocent conversation with him, and Rocky snaps at him for sitting too close.  Classic Rocky.  Great character.

Oh yeah, and a perfect entry for a guy who did this during his final words:

P.S.  Okay there is one part of this scene that I have never understood.  When Edgardo asks Rocky the "Whattya think?" question, at the end it sounds like he adds "bitch."  Which I suppose could mean they are planning to vote out Lisi.  Or it could be him trying to be playful with Rocky.  I have no idea.  All I know is that he is totally smiling when he asks Rocky the question, and then Rocky just snaps at him.  I love this scene.  If I ever meet you and sit next to you at a Survivor event, please drop this quote on me.  We will become immediate friends.

P.P.S.  Oh yeah and before I sign off, I mentioned to my friend Justin that most viewers and Survivor fans seem to hate Rocky.  I said I thought he would be a hard sell on the Funny 115 because he was such an obnoxious bully.  

"He's not obnoxious," said Justin (who is from Massachusetts), "He's just very Boston.  Boston Rob is like that too.  That's just how it works in Boston. You say it all, don't hold back, and expect people to be able to handle themselves. It's not malevolent or anything. It's just painfully brutally honest."

So anyway, there you go.  Advice from a New Englander.  Next time you watch Fiji, just watch Rocky for the entertainment value.

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