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#104.  Shane's pooch
Exile Island - multiple episodes

When my wife and I sat down to research the Funny 115, one of Diana's favorite things about Exile Island was the fact that Shane Powers has a very... um, let's just say unique... way of standing.  

You see, Shane doesn't just stand upright with his back straight like a normal person.  Nope.  When Shane is standing, he leans back, he tightens his butt, he arches his shoulders, and he basically sticks his gut out as far as he can.  

Which, the first time you see it, sort of gives off the effect that the very skinny Shane Powers is pregnant.

Shane Powers sitting like a normal person

So anyway, here you go.  The very first drinking game on the Funny 115.  Inspired by my wife Diana, who couldn't make it through Exile Island without asking,  "Why does Shane always pooch out his stomach like that??"

Every time you watch Exile Island, take a drink every time you see a shot of Shane where it looks like he is pregnant.  See how long it takes before you get wicked drunk.  It probably won't take you that long.

Ready?  Go.  

Here are my nine favorite screen caps.

Shane pooching out #1

Shane pooching out #2

Shane pooching out #3

Shane pooching out #4

Shane pooching out #5

Shane pooching out #6

Shane pooching out #7

Shane pooching out #8

Shane pooching out #9

Now of course normally I wouldn't do an entry where I just sit here and make fun of some guy who has a beer gut.  That's not really the Mario style.  That type of entry wouldn't be funny, that sort of entry would just be mean.  

But that same logic is exactly why this entry is so freaking funny. 

You see, Shane doesn't actually have a beer gut!   He is one of the skinniest guys who has ever been cast on Survivor.  He's athletic, he's in shape, he is whipcord thin.  He just happens to stand weird.  So I have no qualms with nominating Shane Powers and his weird form of kwashiorkor for the #104 slot on the Funny 115.

I mean, come on.  How can you not love this?

P.S.  And yes, I fully expect an Internety next year for being the only comedy countdown on the internet to feature the word "kwashiorkor."  I knew that taking 7th grade science class with Mrs. Hannah would eventually pay off.

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