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#108.  Denise screams at her food
China - episode 6

Out of all the moments on the Funny 115, this one was easily one of the most requested.  When I asked people what moments they wanted to see on the new countdown a couple of months ago, almost to a man anyone who wrote me about China said the exact same thing:  "You have to put the scene where Denise screams when she is trying to eat the balut.  That was one of the funniest things I have ever seen on Survivor."

This was actually my favorite email I received about this moment:  "Hey Mario, please include the scene where Denise can't eat the balut in China.  My mom has watched every episode of Survivor over the years, and she can't remember 99% of the things that happened most seasons.  She can't remember who won Borneo or who won Africa, and I have to remind her who Rupert and Boston Rob are half of the time.  But to this day she still remembers Denise screaming at the balut.  I have no idea why that scene has always stuck with her but she always remembers it."

And, well, you know, when a moment is this popular and this requested among the nominees, that means it pretty much has to be on the countdown.  I really don't have much of a say in the matter.

So here you go.  The #108 entry on the Funny 115.   Denise screams at the balut during an immunity challenge.


It's the sixth episode of Survivor: China, and for immunity tonight the Fei Long tribe and the Zhan Hu tribe are squaring off in an old Survivor favorite - the gross food challenge.

And, well, in the fourth matchup, we have James the giant scary gravedigger against Denise the Debbie Downer lunchlady.

James and Denise take their positions on either side of the table, and that's when Probst pulls off the cover to show them what they will be trying to eat.

Crap.  Balut.

Chicken fetuses

Possibly the most nasty thing in the history of Survivor


Denise takes one look at the chicken fetuses she is supposed to eat and, right away, you can see she is going to have problems with this.

Oh poopy

Amanda winces for poor Denise

Poor Denise knows she has almost no chance to down these nasty little balls of feather and beak before James does.  But, you know, I'll say one thing for her, she is going to give it her best shot.  After all, she is the lunch lady.  And her tribe really wants her to win immunity tonight.

And this is where the fun begins.

Denise stares down at the balut and tries to psyche herself up

Now she starts to get mad

And... go!  Denise lets out a primal scream of rage and starts going all Bobby Jon on the balut


Screaming and eating and puking at the exact same time

Todd's stunned reaction to Denise going Bobby Jon on a plate of balut

Amanda in shock

Even the Frenchman can't believe it

Denise continues to scream as she tries to keep from throwing it up

In the end.... alas.  It is futile.  The balut are way too oily and feathery and nasty, and Denise just can't keep them down.   She tries her best, but eventually she has to just spit them out and concede defeat.  

I just can't do it.


Even though this is just a quick short moment in an otherwise bigger storyline (James is actually trying to throw the challenge, but he can't because Denise sucks at life) it is just one of these moments that always seems to resonate with people.  For some reason everybody seems to remember Denise becoming a psychopath out of nowhere and screaming at the balut.  Like I said earlier, it was one of the single most requested entries on the Funny 115.

Why was it so requested?  Well easy, because it was memorable.  I mean, who screams majestic war cries at their dinner?  Who has actually done that?

"I have."

*sigh*  Thank you Coach.  

And so it begins.

Denise sucks at laugh

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