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#109.  Dave Ball says WTF?
Samoa - episode 4

Ha ha.  Here is a quick little visual moment that you probably won't even remember, but it makes me laugh every single time I sit down and rewatch Samoa.  It's just one of those quickie "one character has a funny look on his face" moments that I had so much fun putting on the original Funny 115.

Oh yeah, and since we're already having fun with Shambo, we might as well have a little more fun with her.  This is going to happen a lot, by the way.

Shambo - crazy person

It's episode four of Survivor: Samoa, and Dave Ball has just won chickens for his beloved Galu tribe.

Dave Ball - dangerous to chickens and others

Dave and Russell bring the chickens back to camp, and Dave and Shambo immediately get into an argument over whether she should be allowed to look after the chickens or not.   Dave's very realistic and reasonable argument?  "No, because you are crazy and you will probably lose them."

Dave Ball and Shambo in yet another chicken conflict

Shambo, of course, doesn't agree with this logic.  She claims that she should be allowed to look after the chickens.  Because she's Shambo, and because she knows how to communicate with them.  

Shambo explains that you have to have a relationship with chickens.

And now we get to one of my favorite quickie visual moments of Survivor: Samoa.

Shambo squats down next to the chickens and starts to talk to them in their native tongue

As Dave Ball sits next to her, she starts carrying on a very intricate two sided conversation with poultry

And Dave does the most hilarious little shocked slow double take of horror.  When he realizes what Shambo is doing, he slowly turns his head towards her as his eyebrows go up in confusion.  "Whaaaaaat the fuuuuuuuuuuuu.......?"

Seriously, I can't do Dave's little double take justice in print.  It is so fricking funny.   Just watch it for yourself.

"Whaaaaaaat the fuuuuuuuuuu....?"

I know it's a quickie, and I know it's not as elaborate or memorable as some of the other entries on the Funny 115.  But if you're looking for just a quick little double take that will make you laugh every time, just go watch Danger Dave Ball the first time he hears Shambo having a conversation with a chicken.  This clip makes my day every single time I watch it.

Erik can't believe that Shambo is talking to a chicken either


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