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#111.  James drops a Muntz on them
Heroes vs Villains - Episode 6

When most people think of James Clement, they think of this guy.  They think of a big tall badass scary looking monster who could probably pop your head off like his grandma once did to a chicken.

Currently banned from GiGi Restaurant and Lounge in Philadelphia

Yes James is definitely one scary badass looking dude.  

But what most people don't think of when they think of James is the fact that, despite the fact that he could probably kill you with his bare hands, James is easily one of the most underrated funny characters in Survivor history.  In fact I might even argue that he is the most underrated funny character in Survivor history.   I would argue that-- other than the douchy heel turn he took towards Colby and Stephenie in Heroes vs Villains-- practically 50% of the things that come out of his mouth over the years have made me laugh.  Especially when you are talking about James the first time around in China.

The James moment (the first of many, I should point out) I have selected for #111 on the Funny 115 takes place in Heroes vs Villains.  Yes, I know, not a season that has historically been viewed as James' finest moment.  But there is one James scene in H vs V I have always had a soft spot for, and am proud to finally memorialize on a countdown.

At the end of Heroes vs Villains episode 6, there is a double Tribal Council.  The Villains go first (they vote out Tyson), and then the Heroes come in and they have their own Tribal Council.

Oh yeah, and they have to have Tribal Council while the Villains are sitting there eating hot dogs about 20 feet away.

The villains eating hot dogs and watching the Heroes' Tribal Council.

Well as you can guess, James isn't particularly happy about this scenario.  He doesn't like watching the Villains eat food while he is starving and injured and miserable.  He really doesn't like that most of the Villains are just sitting there, mocking him.  In fact for most of Tribal Council James can't even look over at them.

James avoiding the sight of the hot dogs

Be the wiener, Stephen.  Be the wiener.

Oh my Goddddd, it's sooooooo gooooooood.

Courtney taunts the Heroes with her hot dog

James can't look

The Wiener Slayer

This scene is funny enough on its own (it's actually the same scene as "Banana Etiquette", which will show up later on the countdown), but the moment that makes the Funny 115 at #111 comes at the end of the scene when Jeff Probst tells the Villains that the picnic is over and they have to stop eating their hot dogs.

Courtney's crestfallen face when she realizes they get no more food.

The thing that kills me about this scene is that the minute Jeff tells the Villains that the picnic is over, out of nowhere James unleashes the perfect little mocking Nelson Muntz (from The Simpsons) "ha ha!"  

Seriously, there is no warning it is coming at all.  All of a sudden James just drops a Muntz on them.  Kills me every single time I see it.  It just comes out of nowhere.

Ha ha!

I'm not sure what I love the most about this scene.  The fact that James drops a Muntz on the Villains, or the fact that James even knows who Nelson Muntz is.  I mean, good lord, the guy is a badass grave digger from Louisiana who looks like he spends every single day of his life in a gym.  When does he time to watch the Simpsons??  And would you even peg the guy as a Simpsons fan??  

This has got to be one of the single most unexplainable moments in Survivor history.  Right up there with the question, "Why does Amanda have such dead eyes all the time?"  I mean, my God, look at those screen caps above.  In every single one of them Amanda is in the Dead Zone.  

Even Jeff Probst enjoyed the Muntz

Jerri enjoyed it too.  Check out her reaction to having a Muntz dropped on her.

So anyway, thank you James Clement for always be entertaining, and for always finding some way to surprise me with your sly sense of humor.  You are a worthy addition to the Funny 115, and this will be far from your only moment on the countdown.  

At some point maybe I will even see you at Simpsons-Con.

Your typical Simpsons fan


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