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#26.  Shane's Chafing Problem
Exile Island - episode 9

It's the ninth episode of Exile Island, and the Gitanos have just returned from a reward challenge.

And... well... I'll just let Cirie take it from here.

"Shane and Danielle and myself returned to camp.  Shane kinda said this wasn't, like, the hugest challenge to lose.  But he was just trying to, you know, kind of lift our spirits."

"Then... Shane had a medical emergency."

Cirie, you're a nurse.  Will you please look at my penis?

Oh HELL no

Shane walks over to the examination room as Cirie just starts giggling

Shane (walking away):  "You have to.  You're a nurse."

Cirie raises a protest

Danielle concurs

Eliza might be interested, however

Cirie isn't particularly thrilled about getting up close and personal with Shane's package, but after much pleading and pestering she finally agrees to take a look at it.  But she doesn't really want to look at it look at it.  She just wants him to explain what is wrong, and she will try to diagnose it.

"Can you explain it to me?"

(reluctantly)  "... or do I have to look at it?"

Sorry.  No dice.  Shane's got too much heat on his meat.

The Cirie Giggle

Cirie loses it

Now Cirie sits down and she tries to explain to us what she witnessed down there.

"Shane has this funny thing going on with his... uh....... (long pause)... "

"Testicles.  To put it nicely."

"Lucky me, being the only nurse out here.  He wanted me to take a look at him."


Shane preps for examination as Cirie arrives

The blur has returned

Shane wonders if this will affect the throb of his knob?

Or the angle of his dangle?

P.S. Give thanks for the blur on this shot.

This is soo not HIPAA compliant.

Finally, after a careful and thorough examination of Shane's gooseberries, Nurse Cirie is able to make her diagnosis.  Turns out Shane has a very mild case of chafed nugget pouch.

"That's because it's wet all the time.  Your clothes are moist!"

She explains it's like diaper rash

Shane:  "Oh.  That's what that is?"

Cirie just loses it again.

She's gone

Cirie tries to compose hereself, but no luck.  Shane asks, "Is that from wearing those undies for 23 days?  How do I make that go away?"

And she loses it again.

A few minutes later, Danielle comes over to find out what the diagnosis was.

"What's wrong with him?"

"He's like a little red."  She turns to look at him.

Oops.  Shouldn't have looked.

(shocked)  "And then he's naked!"

"Oh!  Yuck.  I'm eating."

And then finally, we finish with yet another A+ confessional from Cirie.

"Shane is like a cartoon character.  And now he's a nude cartoon character.  But that helped me so much, because I sort of forgot about what I was missing."

Shane in his new anti-chafing skirt

So there you go.  Just one more great Exile Island scene from our friends Shane and Cirie.

The ugly downside of nursing school

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