The Funny 115 - version 2.0

Ideas I never got around to using


Here are three great suggestions from people at Sucks that I kind of forgot about and never actually used in any of the entries.  Keep in mind that these are only 3 out of about 100.  I had tons of suggestions for version 2.0 that I would have liked to use, but just never got around to.

Idea #1:  Clay Jordan is Stephen Fishbach's father

Comment from Sucks:  "Hey Mario, did you ever notice this resemblance before?  Maybe there is a reason Stephen Fishbach can't win a jury vote.  I wonder what his stance is on C.C. Heidik's ass."

Idea #2:  Sophie becomes the new Dragon Slayer

Comment from DontBossMeAroundLady at Sucks:  "Funny 115 callback moment for me during the South Pacific finale tonight: when Probst asked the final 5 if any of them have ever built a house of cards before, I was hoping Coach would recapture some of his old magic and respond with an "I have."  But I suppose New Coach is above that.  Luckily Sophie stepped up and not only said she has, she claimed to have a book on it. Very fitting considering she is the new Dragon Slayer."

"I am so true that I can't exist around people who pray evilly."

And finally... the one that will make your jaw hit the floor.  Get ready for it.

Idea #3:  The amazing Eliza/Helen Tribal Council parallels

Comment from funnylookinkid at Sucks:  "I know Mario has covered Helen's cartoonish jury performance on his original Funny 115, but has anyone ever pointed out the hilarious parallels between Helen and Eliza (Vanuatu) in the final moments of their seasons?

Their speeches / questions to the final two are essentially the same. In each case, she always knew one of the finalists (Clay, Twila) was sneaky and deceptive, which she's fine with, and that finalist blows off her question after some confrontational banter. But she's incredibly bitter at the other finalist for voting her out at the final four without a heads up. Then, she essentially demands an apology of him (explicitly in Eliza's case), and her demeanor changes completely once she gets it (and she goes on to vote for that person to win.)

The really amusing part though is that their body language, expressions and posture (not to mention haircut..) are identical. I present my evidence:

(you can watch Helen's and Eliza's jury speeches on youtube if you want a side-by-side comparison).

Who knows, maybe this has been mentioned before. I just thought it was funny."

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