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#44.  James almost kills Todd
China - episode 6

Okay now this is one of those entries that most people wouldn't have predicted would have been on the Funny 115.  But I don't care.  This is absolutely one of my favorite moments of Survivor: China.  This little scene is only about five seconds long, but it is one of those rare Survivor moments that makes me happy every single time I watch it.

Oh yeah, and who are the stars of our quickie little slapstick China entry?

James Clement, the big strong intimidating wall of muscle

And Todd, who is basically an elf


Actual size

So anyway, it is the sixth episode of Survivor: China, and Todd and James are just sitting around, discussing strategy.  

There really isn't anything magical about the scene.  It's not like it isn't something we haven't seen a hundred times before.  It is just two dudes just sitting around on the ground, talking about the game.

Oh yeah, except one of the guys just happens to be waaaaaaaaaay bigger than the other one.

James and Todd discuss the plan to blindside Jaime

Eventually they come to an agreement

Afterwards, they relax with a frosty beverage

Sorry, I keed, I keed.

Okay here is the actual scene.  Like I said, it is only about five seconds long, but it is one of those magical Survivor "what the hell" moments that I hold so near and dear to my heart.   I really do love slice of life little quirky character scenes like this.

Todd and James are sitting around, discussing strategy

Todd tells James what the plan is going to be tonight

James listens intently

"I'm going to give you my hidden immunity idol."

"Just hold it up right before Jeff reads the votes."

"All of your votes are immune, and Jaime will go home instead."


"You lose the challenge, and you manage to get Jaime out of the game too."

"Pretty cool, huh?"

Ooh, James likes.

So there you go.   The whole discussion lasts about five seconds.  And it involves Todd saving James' ass tonight at Tribal Council, by telling him he is going to give James one of the hidden immunity idols.

Oh, and how does James react to this?

James approves

Oh yeah, and there is more to Todd's ingenious plan as well.

"Oh and when you get back to camp, grab the wooden thing off the top of your gate."

"Because then you will have two hidden immunity idols."

Yay!  More thumbs uppy things!

And then?  

Ah yes.  

The part of the scene that always makes me happy.

Todd:  "Look, we saved our asses."

James understands the ramifications of this, and he gets a little grin on his face

And then... just to show the depths of his appreciation... he reaches out to slap his little buddy on the back

Only, oops.  He forgets that he is JAMES, and that he is smacking Todd.

James hits him, and Todd explodes

No, he doesn't explode.  But we do get this quickie little slapstick moment below, where James practically kills Todd just by giving him a little love slap.

Haha.  Like I said, I watch this moment and it just makes me happy.  It is just one of those little character scenes that you hardly ever see on Survivor anymore, and since it comes completely out of nowhere, it is almost impossible to watch it without a smile on your face.  James is so happy about the fact that he isn't going home tonight that he reaches out and he does what James normally would do.  And that is slap someone on the back.  Except since Todd is three feet tall and weighs about fifty pounds, James practically knocks him right out of the camera shot.  I love it.

And then, of course, we get this awesome follow up to the "James almost knocks Todd into the river" slap.

Just another great little quirky moment from one of my all time favorite Survivor seasons.


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