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#45.  Gillian and the elephant dung
Gabon - episode 1

Okay now here we have a silly little scene from Gabon that a lot of people sent in nominations for.  In fact, out of all the nominations and requests that were sent in, I would guess that this was probably one of the top 20 most requested entries for the Funny 115.  

Probably not suprisingly, it involves poop.


From reader Chris S. (Chicago):  "Gillian and the elephant dung has got to be on the countdown, right?  I can't remember a better first scene to introduce us to a Survivor character.  Well, other than Sandra opening Pearl Islands by dropping an s-bomb."

From a reader named Jackie:  "The elephant dung scene in Gabon always makes me laugh.  Especially when Randy sums everything up by making an accidental crap joke lol.  Please include it on the new countdown!!"

From Dictatorship at Survivor Sucks:  "Please use the scene when Gillian wants to find elefant [sic] poop in Gabon.  That one is awesome.  Poop jokes are fuking [sic] awesome!!!!!  :D  :D  :D"

Gillian sharing a touching fun fact about the canine anal gland

So anyway, here you go.  I don't have much to say about this entry, so I will just include it as it was presented in the episode.  

Say hello to Gillian Larson... and her fascination with elephant poop.

It is episode one of Gabon, and the Fangs have just arrived at their campsite for the first time.

They have only been there for about twenty minutes, and already Gillian has an important announcement she would like to share with everybody

"Hey you guys, if anybody finds any elephant dung, bring it back.  It burns well."

The King of Gabon is already not a big fan

"We've been here twenty minutes and she wants elephant shit."

Has a problem

Fifteeen seconds later, we come to a scene where Gillian and Susie are walking through the woods.  And that's when Gillian makes an exciting discovery.

"Oooooh!  Elephant dung!"

Gillian leans down and starts scooping up the pile of elephant shit

"Isn't that interesting?"

"Obviously one has to be wary.  There are elephants around, because there was elephant dung that we walked over."

"Oooooh!  Elephant dung!"

Gillian walks back to camp with a giant ball of butt mud

You're welcome.

And now comes my favorite exchange of the entire scene, between Gillian and Analytical Dan.

"So you want to see the elephant dung?"

"Not really."

"Well it's very interesting, look."

"You wanna see my dung?  It's interesting too."

Gillian plops the giant ball of rectal feedback down on the ground and starts picking through it

Matty looks on with reluctance

Susie sniffs it suspiciously

Gillian:   "They poop out the seeds that they don't digest.  And we were wondering maybe there might be something edible inside."

Matty:  "Oh don't even think about it."

Randy:  "You first."

"You can squeeze elephant dung and drink it."

And thus ends the very memorable scene of Gillian and the elephant dung.

Well, actually, no it doesn't.

The scene doesn't technically end until Randy gets to sit down and give a confessional about it.

I'm not sure if he was intending to make this pun or not, but he does.  And it makes the perfect little capper for this scene.

"This is our first day, and I've come to the conclusion that Gillian is annoying."

"She is so busy at just trying to look busy.  And she's not accomplishing crap."


Gillian is sad when you don't respect the toilet twinkie

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