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#46.  Back across the ocean
Fans vs Favorites - episode 2

There are a bunch of different types of entries on the Funny 115 - slapstick, ironic, unintentional, potty humor, funny quotes, etc. -  but if it were possible for a character to have a specific type of entry, well that would certainly apply to my favorite cute funny narrator in Survivor history.  

Yes, I can only be talking about Cirie Fields.  

Or as you may know her, the "back across the ocean" lady.

Cirie's entries might not be as "ha ha" hilarious as some of the other entries on the Funny 115, but with her entries you can always be sure of a couple of things.  They will always be well narrated (Cirie is by far one of the best narrators in Survivor history).  They will always be memorable.  They might not be outrageous, but they will always be funny.  And above all else, they will always be cute.  In fact, it's possible that no player in 22 seasons of Survivor has had more "cute" funny moments than Cirie has had.  And yes, I am even talking about you, miss America's Sweetheart and then dropped off the face of the Earth, Colleen Haskell.  By this point, it's possible that Cirie is even cuter than you were.

Adorable F bomb

So anyway, here is one of the all time best cute, funny, adorable Cirie moments.

Like I said, if you could add a character entry as a certain type of entry on the countdown, Cirie's would be the ones.  She is just that good.   Every single time she sits down to comment on how ridiculous the game of Survivor is, it is going to deliver.

So here we go.  

It is the second episode of Fans vs Favorites, and after the immunity challenge, Cirie finds out that she is headed to Exile Island.

Hey Cirie, want to go to Exile Island for a few days?

Oh yeah.  I should probably point out that Cirie is not exactly what you would call... an outdoorsy person.   She really isn't equipped for something like Exile Island at all.   In fact, last I checked, she is scared of things like bugs and dirt and fish and leaves and pretty much the planet Earth itself.  But we will talk more about that later, in a different entry

Cirie is comforted by Parvati and Amanda's dead eyes before she heads off to Exile Island

And off trudges our intrepid hero

Oh yeah.  Before we get too far, don't forget that Cirie isn't going to Exile Island alone.  A lot of people just remember this scene as Cirie swimming around looking for the idol by herself.   But in truth she had a sidekick for this scene.  Cirie is headed off to Exile Island with Krazy Kathy.

Kathy in the middle of an episode

So Cirie and Kathy head off to Exile

Kathy points out the flying badgers that are currently orbiting around her head

Once they get to Exile, the ladies decide that the first thing they need to do is... well I'll let Cirie explain it.


"All I was thinkin' is... I'm goin' to Exile Island."

"God, please help me find the hidden immunity idol."

So the women start digging around for idol clues.  Pretty soon, they find the first one.

They had to swim all the way out here to the hut in the ocean, but here is the first clue

Back to the start?  Do you know what that means?

Back across the ocean

Cirie isn't the strongest swimmer in the world.  But she figures that one trip across the ocean can't hurt.  Right?  After all, it is for the hidden immunity idol, isn't it?

Kathy and Cirie arrive back at the start, and they look for clue number two.

Hey!  Here it is!

Note the part that says "You've done it before, now repeat the motion."

You know what that means?

We need to go back there.

Back across the ocean

"Damn!  Again?!?"

"We just came from over here, and now we got to go over there?!?"

So it's time for more swimming.

Cirie finds the next clue, and that's when she realizes what kind of a hell she is currently trapped in.  Because the next clue says to basically go back to where they started.  At this point she is now trapped in some type of an aquatic mobius strip.

The clue tells them to swim back to a spot on the last beach

Back there

Cirie reads this, and she has a cute little stomping tantrum

Once Cirie realizes that her life now officially sucks, she sits down for a confessional that only Cirie Fields could have given.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you give a Survivor confessional.  This is why Cirie is so awesome.

"Lookin' for the idol was absolute torture."

"The second clue tells you that the third clue..."

"Is across -another- part of the ocean."

Cirie screams when she gets to clue #3.

Over here it is just another @#^!^#*! clue to go back!!!!

"So then we find the third clue?"


"Back across the ocean."

Hey look, clue number four!

It tells them to go back to where they started

"Get to the fourth clue?"

*resigned sigh*

Here is what I love about Cirie.  At this point she isn't even pissed off anymore.  Now she is just sad and resigned.

(very quietly)  "Back across the ocean."


Cirie trudges back across the ocean for the fourth, or perhaps the fifth time.  At this point it is hard to tell.

All we know is that at this point, the lady who can barely swim is probably crazier than Kathy.

Or not

Oh yeah.  And the sad heartbreaking ending to this scene?  Cirie never finds the idol.

Oh well.  Cirie may have never found the idol.  She may have finished her search tired, drenched, frustrated, hopeless, and fruitless.  But she sure gave us one of the cutest, funny Cirie scenes of Fans vs Favorites.  She also gave me one of my very favorite animated gifs on the entire countdown.  So thank you Cirie.  There will always be a place for you here:

"Back across the ocean", complete with tantrum

Yeah who's laughing now, Miss "I'm scared of the Earth"?

* Special thanks to IceIce at Survivor Sucks for the CGI Brett picture

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