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#55.  Sandra's Faceplant
Heroes vs Villains - episode 7

Quick.  What has two thumbs, a potty mouth, stubby legs, and an exceptionally poor sense of spatial depth perception?

No, not you Coach.  I am talking about Sandra.  She is the one with the short stubby legs and the sailor's mouth.  Right Sandra?


Yes, that's right.  It is time for Sandra's epic faceplant into the mud during Heroes vs. Villains.  

This is one of those scenes that I knew was absolutely positively 100% going to make the Funny 115 the minute I saw it.  

Believe me, there are some scenes on Survivor where you just know.

Fuck you, Mario.

I don't have much to say about it, so here it is in all its glory.  Courtney and Sandra are trying to jump over a stream of water, and Sandra wipes out.   Somewhere right now, millions of sad embittered Russell Hantz fans are pointing and laughing.

Motherfucker, I fell.

And now for the still shot version...

Sandra can't even jump a dish

Or clear a fish

Fuck you gravity, you 9.80 m/s squared motherfucker.

The greatest player ever

Fist bump

P.S.  The greatest thing about Sandra is that you can ask her about scenes like this and she will actually respond and give you a commentary.  I asked her in a Facebook chat a while back what happened with the famous mud faceplant and her answer was short, sweet, and 100% Sandra:  "Courtney has those long deer legs so I thought I could jump it just like she did.  I forgot my legs were so stubby."  Again, as always, thank you Sandra.


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