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#58.  The Jacket Sling
Tocantins - all season long

This is one of those quickie little visual moments that I'm not sure everyone caught (because the editors were very subtle about it.)  But if you look for it when you are watching Tocantins, it makes the Coach experience that much more awesome.

Coach in his formal Tribal Council attire

One of the little quirks about Coach (among about 500 others) was the fact that, for some odd reason, he always wore his jacket to Tribal Council.  When other players go to Tribal Council, they just go in their normal Survivor clothes.  But not so with Coach.  For some odd reason, when Coach goes to Tribal Council, he always likes to dress up.  Like Jack Dawson in first class on the Titanic, he always has to dress up in his formal "I'm voting somebody out tonight" jacket.

The Informality Slayer

Now what makes Coach such a quirky spectacular character, and what makes him such an awesome Funny 115 All-Star, is the fact that... despite the fact that he brings his jacket to Tribal Council... he doesn't actually wear it when he goes up to vote.  Nope.  Because character quirk #501 about Coach is the fact that every time he goes up to cast a vote, first he has to take his jacket off and sling it over his shoulder.

Don't believe me?  Take a look.

Just another part of the Coach Experience, my friends.

Coach takes his jacket off before going up to cast a vote

Jacket over the shoulder

Here's a pre over-the-shoulder-shot from another episode

Unfortunately I couldn't get very many screen caps of the over the shoulder moment.


Honestly I don't know.  For the most part the editors were very good in Tocantins about pointing out what a weird guy Coach was.  For the most part they were very good at highlighting nearly every single one of his little Coach quirks, and just beating us over the head with it.  But with the jacket sling that doesn't really appear to be the case.  With the jacket sling, it was something you know that Coach was always doing, but the editors only gave us an actual shot of it a couple of times.

Oh, and you might ask, how do I know he was always doing it?

Well because if he wasn't doing it all the time, we wouldn't have the #58 moment on the Funny 115.

It's episode twelve of Tocantins, and the Forza tribe is getting ready to cast the fateful vote

The jury looks on in anticipation

Like I said at the beginning, this is just a quickie little visual moment, and it's one that the editors barely even focused on at all.  And I bet most people either never even noticed this little scene, or have completely forgotten it.  But moments like this are the reason I made the Funny 115.

Are you ready for it?

It happens very quickly.

Coach goes up to cast a vote for Taj

As he is up casting his vote, the jurors decide they are going to pay a little tribute to him

In true Coach style, Brendan and Sierra sling their jackets over their shoulder

They sit there and wait for him to walk by

Even Tyson (who is normally a tough laugh) finds this amusing.

Taj sees what they are doing and tries to keep from laughing

And now here is the best part...

Coach walks by them and you can see he is cracking up

Like I said, it's just a quick little five second meaningless scene in Tocantins.  But if you are looking for it, there's no way you can watch it and not laugh.  It is just perfect for the Coach storyline.  

And I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see that the guy can actually laugh at himself.

P.S.  By the way, when I wrote this entry and posted it a couple of days ago, I was pretty sure it was already a fun memorable A+ Coach entry.  But what I didn't realize is that I only included like 1/3 of the overall story.  What I didn't know is that there was a bunch of even better stuff I had forgotten to add to it.

Okay, remember how I said that the jacket sling in front of Coach was the jury's big tribute to him?  Well it turns out it actually started before that.

Check this out.  Somebody on my guestbook pointed this out to me.

The jury files into Tribal Council in episode twelve.  Note that all three of them already have the jacket slung over their shoulder

They walk in all imitating Coach.  Complete with feathers in their hair.

Coach sees their little tribute and laughs

As wolfytheblack at Survivor Sucks says, "I love it how Tyson actually has a pair of pants and not a jacket or sweater of any kind."

You can see the feather in Sierra's hair here

P.P.S.   But wait, there's more!

You thought the jacket slinging/jury mocking/Coach tribute ended in episode twelve?


Check this out.  This is where this entry goes from an A+ moment to an A+++ moment.  I can't believe I forgot to include this part in the original writeup.

It's the Tocantins finale, and Coach is casting his final vote for J.T.  Note the jacket.

As Coach walks back past the rest of the jurors, he takes the jacket off.

And slings it over his shoulder

And smiles right in Sierra's face as he does it

She sees that now he is the one mocking her

And loses it

Probst watches this little exchange and nods with approval

Coach sits down and now Erinn, Sierra, Coach, and (presumably) Brendan are all laughing about it

So there you go.  The world famous infamous Coach and his Jacket Sling.  One of the great long lost secret unnoticed moments in Survivor history.

This gif really doesn't do it justice, but here is the full jacket sling tribute in its entirety

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