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#57.  Matty's Shit-Eating Grin
Gabon - episode 9

It's episode nine of Survivor: Gabon, and it's time for the big reward challenge

"Come on in, guys!"

In come the Fangs

They get to their mat and they await their Kota opponents

And here are the Kotas

Well, almost all the Kotas.  It turns out that one of them is missing.

Turns out Charlie Marcus was voted out last night


The Kotas stand there sans Marcus and they wait for the shit to hit the fan

"Fang, getting your first look at Kota.  Marcus-- your best friend, and the leader of your alliance, was voted out of the game last night."

Fang reacts

The death of a boner

And now, in just a perfect entry for the Funny 115, comes one of the greatest visual moments in 22 seasons of Survivor.  Seriously, there's no way you can watch this next moment and not laugh.

In fact, I'll just let my friend Mark Polishuk describe it.  He used to be a columnist for the website Inside Pulse, and this is one of his all time favorite Survivor scenes.

From an email from Mark:
"Hey, this may well be too late, but I have a nomination for the Funny 115.   In Gabon, I nominate Matty's huge shit-eating grin when he sees that Marcus has been voted out of the game. It's balanced perfectly by Corinne's look of pure horror and Sugar's look of surprise.  I fucking hated Marcus...just my luck, a guy with my name finally gets on the show and he's a colossal douche.  I couldn't help but remember Matty's smile since I think I had the exact same expression on my face."

So here you go.  Ready for it?  This is Matty's giant shit-eating grin when he realizes that the leader of the Kota alliance (Marcus) has now been voted out of the game.  I will never get tired of this clip.

A shit eating grin

And you thought I was only going to pay tribute to the way that Matty laughs...

Another one of the best pictures ever

P.S.  Here's a great follow up email from a guy named junglegeo96 at Survivor Sucks.

"I love when Matty smiles in Gabon.  Every time he smiles, he looks like a little kid on Christmas.  Or the Nazi with the glasses as his face begins to melt in Raiders of the Lost Ark. I can't decide which."

P.P.S.  I would post a picture of me imitating Matty's evil grin, but I don't want to steal Coach's bit.   Because you know what happens when you do.   Yes, I am talking to you, Phillip Sheppard.   Bad things happen when people rip off the Dragon Slayer...

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