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#64.  Old Timey Cartoon Shushing
Fiji - episode 8

In my opinion, one of the greatest storylines in Survivor history is the fall of the Four Horsemen in Fiji.  



El Doucho

Shambo without a mullet

From a comedic standpoint (or at least a Funny 115 standpoint), the fall of the Horsemen is just about as good as it gets.  Because it has just about every single element you could ever want in a funny Survivor moment.  You've got four super douchy uber-villains (check).  You've got hubris and pride and a whole bunch of high-fiving and cockiness along the way (check).  You've got a blindside that none of the Horsemen see coming, not even for a second (check).  And you've got one of the greatest images in Survivor history, the image of Alex and Edgardo's faces falling when they see the first Edgardo vote and they  quickly realize that they're fucked (check).

I mean, come on.  If you are making a list like the Funny 115, not only do you know that the Fall of the Four Horseman is an automatic slam dunk entry, you also have to give it serious consideration to be the #1 moment overall.

That's right.  I just announced that the Fall of the Four Horsemen is one of the six entries I am giving serious consideration to be the overall #1.  Mark it down.  I usually don't give away spoilers like that.

One of the greatest things ever

Yes, the fall of the Four Horseman is a great iconic Survivor moment.  And you might find yourself asking, okay Mario, well if it's so damn funny, if it's a #1 contender, then why are you talking about it way down here at #64?

Well the reason I'm talking about it at #64 is because there is another funny part to the Fall of the Four Horseman, and it's one that most people don't even remember.

That's right.  I'm talking about the underrated moment in episode eight where the Horseman dig up the hidden immunity idol.  And then, in one of the goofiest visual images I can think of in recent Survivor memory, they do the most exaggerated old timey cartoon shush I have ever seen.  Swear to God.  They literally shush each other like they are in a Warner Brothers cartoon, and they are fucking 1940's cartoon characters.

It's a quick little moment, but luckily we have pictures.  


Douche, Douche, and El Doucho start digging for the idol

They continue to dig as Brett looks on and offers advice

Douche 1 and Douche 2 are getting close

Yay!  They found it!

It's a very douchy Christmas!

And here we go.  An image that shouldn't be all that funny, and actually isn't really all that funny on paper.  But it cracks me up every single time I watch it in the episode.

Edgardo claps and squeals like a little schoolgirl, and Mookie and Alex start shushing

Alex is a fucking cartoon character

I mean, seriously?  Who does that in real life?  People don't shush like that in real life.  

"I do."

No you don't, Coach.   Nobody shushes like that in real life.  People only shush like that in cartoons or in comedy movies.  They only shush like that if you are writing a Survivor fan fiction and you are a bad writer, and you are trying to make your characters into giant stereotypical ridiculous buffoons.  

In real life people don't do that.  In real life people shush with dignity.  They shush someone quietly, and with purpose, kind of like this:


They certainly don't do it like fucking old timey vaudevillian cartoon characters:


So anyway, in honor of Alex and Mookie and Edgardo (but mostly Alex), I present the #64 entry on the Funny 115.   The Four Horsemen (three of them anyway) digging up the hidden immunity idol, and then busting out the old timey cartoon shushing.  It's just one of those little moments in Survivor that cracks me up.  Maybe it will for you now too.

Old timey cartoon shushing in all its glory


P.S.  Yes I know that the Horsemen "got up pretty early in the morning" to fool Lisi.  Don't worry, we'll talk more about that storyline in a much later entry.

P.P.S.  No that entry is not one of the six.

P.P.P.S.  Yes I know that Edgardo really wasn't as douchy as Alex or Mookie.  But I am going by the old Jerry Seinfeld rule here, "adjacent to refuse... is refuse."  Sorry El Doucho.  You just wound up in the wrong alliance.

* thanks to Nemo78 at Survivor Sucks for the CGI Brett picture

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