The Funny 115 - version 2.0

#67.  The Cirie Giggle
Any season with Cirie

You loved the original Funny 115.  And you loved the entry dedicated to the most distinct Survivor laugh of all time - The Kathy Laugh.

Haw Haw Haw Haw!

Well guess what?  The Kathy Laugh is back!  

Only... this time... just like the Funny 115 itself... it has been given an upgrade.

That's right, my friends.  Say hello to the new best and most amazing Survivor laugh of all time.

It is time to say hello to... The Cirie Giggle!

Yes, Cirie Fields.  The champion of the people.  And the owner of the most distinct and most beloved laugh in the history of Survivor (sorry Kathy).   It seems like just about every scene Cirie is ever in ends with her busting up and starting to giggle about something.

Shane's junk.  Bwahahaha.

Now, the problem with writing an entry about a person's laugh is that it is hard to find the exact footage you want to use.  I mean, when it comes to Cirie, pretty much every single scene she has ever been in (except for "Back across the ocean") winds up with her cracking up about something.  She doesn't really mean to laugh.  It's just that she sees something or thinks of something that suddenly strikes her as funny, and out it comes.  She just suddenly hits the giggle zone and completely loses it.

Bruce's colon.  Bwahahahaha.

The Cirie Giggle happens over and over and over, and it is awfully adorable.

Hey look!  It even happens in the very first Cirie scene in Exile Island!  

This is her very first confessional!

Like I said, I could sit here and post pictures of The Cirie Giggle all day long.  There are literally about 200 screen caps I could grab if I really wanted to.

You don't even have to know which scene it is from.  All you have to do is look at a Cirie Giggle and it will make you happy.

In fact there are some friends of mine who don't even call it The Cirie Giggle.   There are some people I know who go all the way with it and just call it "The Gigglesnort."

And so there you have it.   The entry dedicated to one of the best additions to Survivor in the past seven years.  The introduction of "The Cirie Giggle."  

You can tack it on to the end of any scene (and the editors usually do), and it is guaranteed to turn just a plain old average or good scene into a great one.

In fact, how powerful is the Cirie Giggle?

Well let's try a little experiment.

Let's throw The Gigglesnort next to a bunch of sad pictures, and see if Cirie can manage to make them funny.  Let's see just how powerful Cirie's laugh really is.

Cirie, are you ready for this?


Cirie, can you make a sad baby kitten funny?

Alright, nicely done.   And how about a crying baby?  Can you make a baby crying for his mommy funny?

Nailed it.  

Okay, up next.  How about Kent State?  Did you find the Kent State Massacre funny?

Well now that's just offensive.  

Cirie, come on.   Be nice.   I have sensitive readers.

Well I never.  

Cirie, I think this has gone too far.  Now you are laughing at a funeral?

Cirie!  Stop!

Cirie!  That's Apollo Creed!  How dare you laugh at that, you sick bitch.

Oh no you didn't.

I suppose I better end this entry now before you get me in trouble.

Oh well.  

In any case, thank you Cirie, for all of the gigglesnorts.

Courtney's a poser.  Bwahahaha.

P.S.  Oh yeah, here is something that a guy named Maniacboy888 pointed out to me over at Survivor Sucks.   Apparently the editors loved the Cirie Giggle too.  They loved it so much that they used it in her Micronesia intro:


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