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#68.  Rocky is naked
Fiji - episode 4

Now here is a funny little scene that is pretty much impossible not to laugh at.

It's quick, and it only lasts about three seconds, but luckily for our purposes it features a guy without pants.  Because, well, in many cases, that is pretty much all that it takes.

To bastardize a quote once made famous by Jerry Seinfeld... in the world of the Funny 115, "no pants" always beats "pants."


It's the fourth episode of Survivor: Fiji, and because of health reasons, Gary (Papa Smurf) has just been medevaced out of the Moto tribe.

The whole Gary medevac scene is a very sad moment, and because of this the episode has taken a particularly somber tone.  This is really not one of the feel-good moments in Survivor history.

The Motos wave goodbye to their beloved Papa Smurf

But lest you get too depressed over the Gary medevac, never fear.  Because here comes the very next scene with Rocky to save the day.

To this day, this remains one of my favorite random "WTF scenes" in Survivor history.

It's quick, but there is just no way to prepare for it.

We're back at Ravu, and Michelle is reading the tree mail about today's immunity challenge

Pay attention to that giant blur.  It exists for a reason.

Michelle keeps reading...

And now in the background, the blur starts to move...

Random naked penis, reveal thyself!

Yay, it's Rocky!  Rocky and his giant blur casually approach Michelle as she is reading tree mail

Dum de dum de dum

Hey Michelle, what's goin' on?

This is my favorite part of the scene.  Michelle isn't even rattled.  Even though she has no idea who is next to her, she instinctively knows it must be naked Rocky.

She just reaches her hand out to push him away as she never for one second looks up or stops reading the treemail!

Finally:  "Don't.  No.  I don't wanna look at you."

His joke ruined, Rocky turns around and slinks off back into the distance


And now... finally... Michelle laughs


And thus ends one of my favorite little random WTF moments in Survivor history

Rita had the same reaction we all did

"Not a pretty sight."

Like I said, it's a quick scene, and it's one that I doubt most people even remember.   But when it comes to the holy trifecta of A) no pants, B) a giant blur, and C) Rocky, you won't find many randomly funnier little character moments than this one.

It also backs up my theory that any scene (TV or movies) becomes instantly better if one of the characters has no pants on.  Need proof?  See below:

And hey, here you go.  Here is the entire Michelle-Rocky random pantsless interaction in all of its glory.  Don't say I never gave you anything:

Beware the blur

Awesome scene.  Fiji has so many more good moments than people give it credit for.

P.S.  A reader at Survivor Sucks named Iceice made me the pantsless Titanic and pantsless Rocky 4 pictures, and I loved them so much I figured I'd post two other favorites he sent me as well.  These don't really belong in this entry anymore at this point, but they made me laugh, and I'm sure they will make you laugh too.  So enjoy.

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