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#73.  Erik, The Goat Whisperer
China - episode 9

This is a cute little scene that always makes me laugh when I see it, but surprisingly not many Survivor fans I talk to even seem to remember it.  So I thought it would be good to memorialize it on the Funny 115.

The episode 9 reward cruise

It's episode 9 of Survivor: China, and four members of the Hae Da Fung tribe are on a "luxury cruise ship" reward feast.  Which, as you can see from the picture above, pretty much means "not a luxury cruise ship".  They basically get four deck chairs on the top deck of a paddleboat.  

But oh, mmm mmm mmm.  They do have access to orange juice!

Mario's note:  Yes, this is the same reward that I talked about in the "Todd imitates James" entry.  This scene takes place almost immediately after the James impression.


So anyway... Courtney, Amanda, Frosti and Erik are on the deck of their luxury tramp steamer, they are taking in all the scenery around them, and that's when Amanda spots a pair of goats walking down by the waterfront.






Amanda points out the two goats walking along the beach... and for whatever reason, Erik decides this would be a good time to bust out his previously unseen awesome Goat Boy impression.

Out of nowhere.  Bam!

Who knew?  Erik the Virgin is apparently a really big Jim Breuer fan.




Erik does his goat impression a couple more times, and meanwhile off to the side Amanda and Courtney are just completely cracking up.  Because the impression is perfect.  Erik literally sounds -exactly- like a goat.  


Seriously, there is no way I can do Erik's impression justice just in a writeup.  He opens his mouth and it literally sounds like a goat getting off while watching goat porn.  There is no way I can capture it in words.  You just have to watch the Youtube channel if you are going to appreciate it.


Amanda and Courtney continue to crack up

"Not only does it sound good, you do the face!"

Erik continues doing the sound and the face

Courtney:  "Stop hitting on the goats, Erik!  They're a couple!"

Get a room

Just for good measure, Erik finishes off the scene with one last...


Like I said before, it's not the funniest scene in Survivor history.  Or the most memorable.  Or even the biggest or the most spectacular.  But if you just want one of those quickie fifteen-second character scenes that always make an episode better, and will always bring a smile to your face, you can't do much better than Erik the Virgin and his amazing goat impression.

Right, Erik?


"I think that's the greatest impression I've ever heard.  Congratulations."

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